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Modular Kiosk 270 x 510

  • Height 2,4 m
  • Depth 2,7 m
  • Width 5,10 m
  • Weight 1000 kg
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Prefab shelters Industrial Fiberglass Buildings

Modular Prefabricated shelters are shipped to your facility completely, saving both time and money in construction and installation. All of Karmod's prefabricated modular prefabricated shelters are built with all-steel construction to ensure strength and reliability. With our durable designs, you'll have an affordable outdoor shelter built to last. Employees and guests deserve a safe open space that protects them from the elements. That's why we build prefabricated modular fiberglass prefab shelters that are a flexible solution for your outdoor needs. Prefabricated shelter products can be used for different purposes in all kinds of projects in every sector. Buildings, which are mostly used in the construction sector, are preferred for accommodation purposes.

Prefab Shelters for Every Industry

The need for accommodation is one of the biggest problems for those working on projects in remote areas. For these regions, there is a need for structures that are useful, can be used temporarily, but also durable and can be used in all seasons. Prefabricated shelters emerge as the most suitable structures for this need. Both portable and durable at the same time, bunkers are the best choice for hosting security personnel in a variety of venues. Shelters with easy production features will be the best choice in structures that require hundreds of people to shelter in a short time. These modular prefab industrial buildings & low-cost housing concept for urban sites that consists of prefabricated, can also be used as created to build homeless prefab shelters.

Efficient and Long Lasting Prefab Shelters

Industrial Prefabricated shelters increase the comfort of your work areas and make your work areas more ergonomic. It is not an advantageous choice to prefer traditional construction methods such as reinforced concrete for products to be temporarily used for promotional and sales purposes. Because the construction period of traditional reinforced concrete structures is long and extra costs may be required for insulation in order to provide an efficient and healthy working area in all seasons. Since they are not portable, it will not be possible to use them in another project or elsewhere. This can cause both cost and time loss. However, when you choose a prefabricated modular shelter, you can have ready-to-use workplaces of the size you want in a very short time. Prefabricated buildings are the best structures in terms of insulation thanks to their durable materials. Please contact us for more information about our prefab shelters structures.

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