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Modular Kiosk 150 x 270

  • Height 2,4 m
  • Depth 1,5 m
  • Width 2,7 m
  • Weight 450 kg
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Karmod modular structures, which are preferred for different purposes in many sectors all over the world, are very useful and economical. Modular kiosks, which are ideal for many different uses, are produced in a very short time and disassembled. After it is delivered to the desired location, Karmod is installed on site by expert teams. We are one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of portable retail kiosks. You can see our modular kiosk products in many industries all over the world. They are used as marketing kiosks, welfare trailers, market booths, security booths. Indoor and outdoor specialty food carts, coffee carts and retail kiosks are our specialty. All over the world, modular cabinets are used for food distribution or food sales. If you want to use these portable sales kiosks for commercial purposes, you can choose economical, ergonomic and useful Karmod cabins.

Affordable and Flexible Retail Kiosk Solutions

Our portable retail kiosks, which we produce in a short time, allow you to get a good return on your investments in a very short time. It is delivered ready to use and you can easily move it to another area whenever you want. Since they are portable, you will not have any problems moving them to another location within the facility. Europe based retail kiosk manufacturer providing selling spaces. We are offering an ideal solution for retail kiosks, portable shops, event retail boths and etc.In addition to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or avalanches, as well as man-made extraordinary situations such as war, urgent building needs may arise for different purposes. Accommodation, food, security, health, education, etc. For urgent building needs, our portable kiosks can help in these situations. Kiosks can serve important areas such as food distribution. Karmod portable retail kiosks can be used anywhere, in any region, in any climate condition.

Europe’s Leading Supplier of Modular Kiosks

We have 36 years of experience in this industry and we believe that we will solve your problems in the best way. We are with you from order to delivery, and you can also contact us if you have any problems with our products after you start using them. We provide services in the construction sector, health sector, education sector, different mining and oil exploration projects and many more. Karmod retail kiosk products are used in more than 130 points around the world. With our expert teams and industry experience, we not only design and manufacture different structures, but also advise on your project. Choose the products of one of the world's leading companies for your kiosk needs in every sector, save both money and time.

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