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We Have Installed a Cabin Town in Senegal

Porpuse Of Use Zircon and Titanium Dioxide Extraction Site Mobilization
Building Model CTP Polyester Cabin
Number Of Buildings 56 Units
Total Area 2.053 m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Senegal
Completion Time 60 Days
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The worker-site mobilization of the Granda Cote mining project, which to extract valuable zircon and titanium dioxide from sand deposits for at least 25 years in one of the West African Countries, Senegal, was built by Karmod. The Grande Côte mineral sand operation (GCO) will take place along the coastline that extends more than a hundred kilometers north, starting approximately fifty kilometers northeast of the country's capital, Dakar.

GCO, where our construction site buildings are preferred, is the largest single mining sand operation in the world and also managed by an experienced team. With GCO, it is primarily aimed to produce high quality zircon and ilmenite and a small amount of rutile and leucoxene mines.

As part of the mobilization of the Grand Cote mining camp, three different building models that we have produced were used together. Our polyester cabin structures with GRP system, due to their superior insulation and resistance to difficult field conditions, were used as construction site office and worker dormitory building in this project. 17 container engineers' dormitories, 230x595 in size, prepared for the project, including a bedroom, a work desk, a WC and a shower unit. The dining hall, which has an operation area of 488 m2, was built with prefabricated building model. In the refectory building, 850 people can eat at the same time.

Our polyester cabin construction site buildings, that are used in construction site mobilization, mostly have large-scale cabins. 18 of the construction site cabin buildings are 390x1230 and 48 m2 in size to be used as construction site offices with the ease of air conditioning feature in hot weather. 13 buildings will serve as 390x750 and 5 270x270 dormitories. 2 cabins of 270x750 in size will also be used as a WC unit at the construction site.

In all of our polyester cabin construction sites, a special damper shutter system was applied in order to provide extra protection against sandstorms, which are common in this project region. In all of our polyester cabin construction sites, a special damper shutter system was applied in order to provide extra protection against sandstorms, which are common in this project-specific region. Construction site buildings consisting of our prefabricated buildings, container, GRP polyester cabin buildings will continue to serve for at least 25 years as the GCO project will continue.

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