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Karmod Builds Camp in Nigeria For UN Peacekeepers

Porpuse Of Use Primary and secondary school building
Building Model Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 block, 2 floors
Total Area 1.960 m2
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Abuja, Nigeria
Completion Time 72 days
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Karmod Builds Military Camp in Nigeria For United Nations Peacekeeping Force

Our buildings, which we have produced with the modular cabin model, have been preferred for the military construction project this time.

Our CTP system polyester cabin structures will be used as military camp structures by the military personnel serving in the United Nations (UN) Peace Force in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Nearly 400 military personnel serving in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force will be accommodated in the military structures we have constructed. Nearly 400 military personnel serving in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force will be accommodated in the military structures we have constructed. Polyester cabin structures prepared for the project; It is produced under the guarantee of Karmod, the world leader in its sector, and has many advantages such as fast installation, energy saving, long life and impermeability.

Our polyester cabin products are preferred in construction site camps and military camps due to their high insulation and ease of installation, especially in African countries with hot climates. Nigeria, Senegal, Eritrea, Congo, Sudan and Somalia are among the countries that most prefer our modular cabin products. Our modular cabins that we produced for UN Abuja Military Camps are 3.90 x 11.10 meters and have 43 square meters of usage area. Our products in the UN Nigeria Camp will be used for 10 years.

The 400-staff military camp was completed in 28 days

Our polyester cabin structures produced in the conveyor system in the technological production lines provide the advantage of fast installation in a very short time at the place of use with the ease of pre-production. Our modular cabin structures with standardized wall panels in certain sizes and roof panels specific to the building size can be assembled quickly and rapidly in the field with an average of two personnel. The fast installation advantage in our buildings makes it easier to set up military camp structures, especially where time is precious. In this project, we made the military camp of 400 personnel with a closed area of 774 m2 ready for use in just 28 days.

The UN Peacekeeping Corps has performed numerous missions in Nigeria since the 1960s. The Peace Force has served in the region by working in coordination with the Nigerian military and police force.

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