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Manchester United, Old Trafford Stad, Ticket Sales Kiosks

Porpuse Of Use Old Trafford Stadium Ticket Sales and Corporate Product Outlet Stores
Building Model GRP System Cabin
Number Of Buildings 12 Units (215x215 and 215x270)
Total Area 60 m2
Project Year 2011
Region To Be Used Manchester, England
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Today, We are in Manchester…

We continue to maintain our leadership in our modular system GRP polyester cabin products with the structures we have brought to the football club stores. Our modular cabins have been preferred for the club stores of Manchester United club, one of the world's leading football clubs. The 12 different buildings we have produced within the scope of this project began serving as we place them at various points of the Old Trafort stadium, where the club plays their matches. Karmod Buffet Cabin is used as Ticket Sales and Corporate Product Sales Stores in Old Traford.

Store Cabins are Coated with Corporate Identity of the Club

The store booths, which we produced specifically for the project, where ticket and corporate product sales will be made, were covered with digital applications mainly with the colors of the club. Integrating with the stadium with digital coating applications, the Karmod buffet cabin has become a part of the club’s identity.

With its GRP system wall and roof panels, Karmod kiosk cabin contains high insulation regardless of hot or cold climate. Its insulation feature creates a comfortable sales environment that is away from moisture in the building. With its special shelf system mounted on wall panels, it adds ergonomics to the presentation of corporate products in roller stores. The window area in the front of the sales kiosk is closed practically with the motorized shutter system, making it easier to open and close the store.

We’ve Become the Preffered Store Choice of Huge Sports Clubs

The modular cabins that we produced, attracted the attention of other clubs with the Manchester United club. The prominent football brands that prefer our products are, French club PSG Paris Saint Germain and the Spanish Barcelona Football Club. Our modular buffet cabins, with their ready-to-use concept, create a very important earning opportunity for teams that want to increase their club revenues. Corporate products belonging to the club, especially uniforms, scarves and gloves, can be easily brought together with the fans through the booth roller stores that will be placed around the stadium and in the busy areas of the city, thus, making a source of income for the club.

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