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Peaceful environment for sweet moments of life

Our prefabricated social facilities are solutions for the different needs like restaurants and sport facilities with their aesthetic design, quick installation, long lasting structure model and with economic price. You will find refreshing spaces offering comfort in the social building with our demounted buildings which are designed in classic and also modern style.

Among our modular structures are delivered with an installation ready to use, there are recreational facilities, tourism and sports complex structuresconference and meeting rooms, cafes and canteens, churches, WC’s and shower units.

Prefabricated Social Facilities Models

Modular Facilities and Modular Buildings

For over 35 years, we offer a full friendly service from initial planning to completion with our vast range of prefabricated modular solutions for all kinds of purposes.

Exporting its products to more than 125 countries around the world, Karmod Prefabricated Buildings designs and manufactures customized modular buildings for many industries including the commercial, healthcare, education, social housing, and government sectors. Specialized in the planning, design, and execution of turn-key modular construction projects of high quality.

Offering a full turnkey solution with a personal, friendly service that has over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Prefabricated modular structures are both used for temporary (relocatable) and permanent purposes.

Our commercial building projects are used for many purposes such as:

  • worksite offices
  • Retail stores
  • Broadcast Studios
  • Residential offices
  • Entertainment Complexes
  • Sales points
  • Casinos
  • Museums
  • Offices
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping Centers

Karmod Modular Buildings is made up of a strong team of industry professionals whose knowledge and experience meet the requirements of all kinds of clients' needs. Whether considering a permanent or temporary space solution, we offer a range of flexible design options that surely will suit your needs. Our prefab modular buildings are available in single and multi-story

From a simple to a more complex functional need, our abilities range from designing and manufacturing prefab modular buildings of a single story or multi-story taking into consideration international standards of quality and safety. 

Modular Solutions for Social Distancing

Commercial Buildings: Flexible and affordable buildings for commercial offices, retail, and franchises.

Education Buildings: Portable classrooms, economical solutions for temporary and permanent school buildings.

Healthcare centers: Quick to build, fast erected buildings, perfect solutions for hospitals, clinics, dental offices, medical complexes, and laboratories.

Modular Man Camp buildings: Oil field housing, workforce housing, mining camps, support services, dormitories, specialty buildings administrative offices, and other social facilities.

Multifamily Buildings: Affordable, Flexible, energy efficient sustainable homes, mass housing projects, modular apartments, condominiums, and multifamily projects.

Karmod works with governments, institutions, and NGOs all over the world to turn dreams into reality by providing buildings for social housing projects.

Modular building Complex and Social Facilities

As Karmod modular commercial buildings, we combine technology and accumulate years of experience in providing modular building solutions development with the advanced accelerated modular construction techniques of our manufacturing facilities. Our prefab manufacturing methodology makes it possible to complete up to 80% of the building construction in our factories, resulting in reduced site disruption, faster project completion time, and quicker occupancy than site-built construction.

Karmod temporary modular buildings offer quick, flexible, cost-effective solutions to changing demographics and increasing enrollment in the education sector. Their advantages of relocation and expandability make them an excellent investment for schools. Temporary modular buildings can be suited to your budget by choosing standard grade buildings, high-performance sustainable buildings, or buildings that fall somewhere in between.

Permanent modular construction for the education sector. An excellent alternative to conventional construction, modular steel construction saves time by moving construction off-campus as much as possible and is often more cost-effective, safer, and more predictable. Karmod custom-designed pre-fab “modules'' are built in a factory, transported, and quickly assembled on site. Karmod has extensive experience in modular solutions of high quality, practical installation, and at affordable prices.

Temporary and emergency modular healthcare facilities

Karmod team specializes in modular healthcare construction and designing modular operating theatres. Our vast experience in modular hospital construction services includes the planning, design, and execution of prefabricated hospitals and healthcare centers. Karmod offers sustainable solutions for all of your healthcare construction services.

Karmod Modular Buildings is one of the leading manufacturers of temporary and permanent modular buildings, with a special focus on social facility needs. Our companies and our employees have provided several thousand square meters of building space to government and military agencies. With a unique team solely focused on serving our clients, our company is unique in the modular industry.