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Oncology Healthcare Facilities

Porpuse Of Use Canser Patients Rehabilitation Centre
Building Model Prefab Building
Number Of Buildings 13 (12 One Bedroom / 1 Social Facility Building
Total Area 836 m²
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Bursa, Turkey
Completion Time 45 days
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Patients are cheering up in Prefab Rehabilitation Centre

Patient Guesthouse and Rehabilitation Centre built with prefab building model first in Turkey have been delivered as built by Karmod prefab. The complex consisting of 13 seperate buildings, one of them is official buildings, 12 of them are one-bedroom prefabricated house has been started servicing as Patient Guesthouse and Rehabilitation Centre.

Prefab guesthouses built in Nilufer district of Bursa are offering opportunity accommodation to the patient with their companion coming for being treated at Oncology Polyclinic of Bursa Uludag University Health Application and Research Center from nearby cities.s

Building of this importing project that is one of the first Rehabilitation Centres of Turkey as its intented use came true with the with the contributions of Onkoday Uludag Onkology Solidarity Association. Prof. Dr. Kayıhan Engin led the establishment of this significant association and there are old patients treated at Uludag University Medical Faculty Hospital Radiotherapy Center and their relatives among its founders.

Patient Guesthouse and Rehabilitation Centre constituting a good example of solidarity in fighting cancer is maintaining hosting at the present time. The Centre consisting of 13 prefab buildings have been built in a short time like 45 days. It sets an example of creating warm home environment for patients and it is also a good example for social responsibility projects. It is a good example that should be necessarily actualized specially in the provinces where there are city hospitals designed and opened by Ministry of Health. Two storey prefab office within the project is the official building of the centre where activities for patients at guesthouse are organized. The patients are living like in their homes at the 12 housings built with one bedroom prefab house model. In the complex, there are 24 rooms, meeting room, lounge, hoby room ve conference hall with kitchen and dining room.

Psychological support that is very important during treatment process is being gave to the cancer patients staying at prefab rehabilitation centre. Example of social solidarity is being set by hosting the patient coming to Bursa from the different cities for cancer treatment. Awareness about fighting cancer is correctly giving to the patients and their companions.

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