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Prefabricated Social Facility 793 m²

  • Height 5,2 m
  • Depth 10,24 m
  • Width 37,75 m
  • M2 793 m²
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Modular Welfare Facilities

Since 1986, we have supplied innumerable state-of-the-art practical accommodation services based on our grasp of quality and combined expertise throughout the years. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has prioritized building safety in all of our projects for a long time. We boost our efficiency while ensuring a safe and productive work environment. Our vast range of accommodation solutions are created with streamlined efficiency using the newest technology, allowing us to grow our network and continually update our way of service. Thanks to our collective experience, we have been able to climb our way up to the industry. So far, we are one of the best prefabricated and modular accommodation solutions provider in the market today.

Multi-Purpose Prefabricated Social Facilities

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to providing our customers with exactly what they need. That is why we design our modular welfare facilities in-line with our customers’ requests. Modular Welfare & Sleeping Units are a fantastic option for building & development sites in more remote locations or where staff work for several days a week. We believe that empathizing with our customers is the best way to lighten the burden of our customers. When starting a project or an operation of any size, it can be very frustrating to find the best on-site utilities to put on the project or operation site. Let alone the fact that the project management is a frustration itself, managing the budget can be another big problem. That is why we, as Karmod, design the best modular welfare facilities available in the market today. Even if you do fly-in, fly-outs, a multi-purpose modular welfare facility can be quite handy as providing an accommodation center for your employees is vital, especially if project site is far away.

On-Site Modular Welfare Facilities

As Karmod, we design and manufacture our modular welfare facilities with passion and years of thinking. They are manufactured and designed in a professional factory setting and delivered to the desired location via sea or land transportation systems. After the delivery, the installation phase begins with professional Karmod staff already present at the location. Because the Modular Welfare Units for Construction Sites are modular, they do not cause any kind of disturbance around the area and produce zero waste. They also do not need excessive workforce, power tools or heavy machinery to be installed. Just our staff’s presence will be enough. For more information about our modular welfare facilities and other products, please contact us.

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