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Prefabricated Cafeteria 98 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 6,48 m
  • Width 15,16 m
  • M2 98 m²
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Modular Coffee Shops

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a corporation established on fundamental qualities such as dependability, sustainability, and professionalism, thanks to its aggregate expertise and competent team. As Karmod, we've played a part in the completion of innumerable projects and can be found in a variety of construction and operation sizes all over the world. We have grown to be one of the greatest prefabricated accommodation solution providers in the world today as a result of the mutual respect we have built between our clients. Our extensive range of practical housing solutions is designed to relieve your stress and give you with long-lasting, dependable items. Not only that, but we can also supply many items at the same time all over the world.

Portable and Dependable Coffe Shops

For over 30 years we, as Karmod, have made great contributions to the realization of many dreams and goals. Not only our prefabricated products are designed to lighten your load but also increase your productivity as well as providing you the most affordable and high-quality accommodation solutions available in the market today. With Karmod Modular Coffe Shops, carry your business to the next-level. Modular Coffee Shops and Prefab Retail Café Stores are designed to increase your business’ efficiency and help you meet your customers’ demands. All of our modular coffee shops are manufactured using highest-quality materials and with Karmod expertise.

Take Your Business to the Next-Level With Karmod Prefabricated Coffe Shops

Are you looking to invest in a Prefab coffee shops & retail stores? Karmod  provide cost-effective and quick construction for bespoke & modular buildings that are perfect in terms of industry standards. Our modular coffee shops are designed to be portable, durable, sustainable, reliable, and very affordable. Meaning, they can be placed from one place to another with ease and without the need for power tools, heavy machinery or excessive workforce, they are able to withstand many harsh weather conditions as well as natural disasters, they can be used for a lifetime and cause little to no trouble for you as well as provide you with the most cost-efficient accommodation solution available in the market today. Our modular coffee shops are also manufactured in a professional factory setting. After the manufacturing process, they are then sent to the desired location via sea or land transportation system. After the delivery, the installation phase begins with professional Karmod staff already present at the location. For more information about our modular coffee shops and other practical products, please contact us.

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