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Art Sports Facility Building

Porpuse Of Use Art Sports Facility Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 494 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time 10 Days
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494 m2 Sports Facility Building Delivered in 10 Days

The sports facility building constructed for Art Sports is a beautiful example for medium-sized sports businesses and clubs. The project approval of the facility building, which was designed by Karmod's expertise, was completed in December 2017. The building, which was produced in a short time with the use of new generation technology in modern lines, without welding, was shipped to the company's facilities located in Ispartakule district of Başakşehir in January 2018. The installation of the 2-story sports club facility building with a size of 494 m² was completed and delivered within 10 days in the same month.

Prefab Sports Facility Building is a Good Example for Clubs

The sports facility building constructed using prefabricated building system is also a good example for medium-sized sports clubs. In the two-story prefabricated facility building, the areas that a club needs are located with the best planning. The building, which is aesthetically pleasing with parapet roof application, can be entered from both directions. When entered from the front, a spacious salon with a size of 123 m² is located. This part was designed as a single storey by leaving it at a high level. A very spacious environment has been prepared with the advantage of the high level at the entrance. This section is used as a cafeteria by the facility management. Tables are placed in front in accordance with ergonomic seating arrangement. In the back area where the salon ends, a cafeteria section is arranged. This place gives a mini-market atmosphere with drinks and other products. Among the other foods sold are toast, sandwich bread, and tea.

The high-level salon is completed in the middle of the building. The transition to the changing rooms is provided by entering from the back of the middle section. The changing rooms are located on both sides with a long corridor in the middle. Two parts of this area with a total of 12 room units are allocated to WC areas. Each toilet has two WC units, with a total of four units. In the back, there are 10 changing rooms on the right and left. There is also a shower cabin inside the changing rooms. While the changing cupboards end at the back of the building, there is also a door leading to the sports facility from the back.

The upper floor of the building is reached by a staircase located at the end of the cafeteria in the front inner part. There are two separate rooms on the upper floor, one of which is a management room. A spacious training room is provided in this section. The small room serves as an accounting room. There are two small rooms for multipurpose use in the back. A toilet compartment with two units is also included in the plan on this floor.

Art Sports Facilities

Art Sports facilities are located in Ispartakule neighborhood of Başakşehir district in Istanbul. The company, which was established as a joint stock company, operates in sports facility management. The company, which provides indoor football services, has three different fields in its facilities. The tops of the fields are closed for them to serve in winter conditions.

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