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Toilet & Shower with Laundry

  • Capacity 10 + 12
  • Lenght 12.650 m
  • Width 8.357,5 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 106 m²
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Affordable Solution: Modular WC-Shower with Laundry Facility

Karmod's Modular WC-Shower with Laundry Facility, with its 106 m² area, offers an excellent solution especially for crowded residential areas, workplaces, and educational campuses. This unit not only provides cleanliness and hygiene with its integrated laundry feature but also offers a practical living space. This cost-effective modular solution, combined with Karmod's high-quality materials and insulation technology, provides users with an efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective environment.

Quick Installation: Saving Time and Cost

The installation of Karmod’s Modular WC-Shower with Laundry Facility is surprisingly quick and easy. Thanks to Karmod's innovative design, this spacious 106 m² solution can be quickly assembled on site and made ready for use. This rapid installation process significantly saves time and cost on projects. As a reliable company, Karmod guarantees quality and speed in all processes, from production to installation, making it one of the most preferred brands in the sector.

Comfortable and Hygienic Living Spaces

Karmod’s Modular WC-Shower with Laundry Facility prioritizes users' comfort and hygienic needs. This 106 m² compact design easily adapts to any usage area and provides long-term cleanliness. With its integrated laundry feature, this modular unit offers great convenience to users, once again proving Karmod's quality and reliability. With references in 135 countries, Karmod is a globally recognized and trusted brand.

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