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2 Capacity Toilet

  • Capacity 2
  • Lenght 2.610 m
  • Width 3.965 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 10 m²
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Affordable Hygiene Solutions: Karmod's Modular Toilets

Karmod offers affordable and practical hygiene solutions with its 10 m² Prefabricated WC equipped with 2 Toilets, ideal for events, construction sites, or public spaces. These modular toilets stand out with their easy assembly and portability features, meeting all outdoor needs. Thanks to their high insulation structures, these prefabricated WCs are suitable for use in all seasons, providing users with a comfortable and clean experience. Karmod elevates hygiene standards everywhere with its quality and economical solutions.

Quick Installation and Longevity: The Advantage of Karmod's 2-Capacity Toilet

Karmod's Prefabricated WC with 2 Toilets offers practical solutions to urgent hygiene needs with fast production and assembly processes. These 10 m² modular toilets can be easily installed and made ready for immediate use. As a reliable company, Karmod holds a leading position in the global market with references in 135 countries. These prefabricated WCs become a reliable part of any outdoor project with their durability and long-lasting use, eliminating the need for frequent changes or maintenance.

Convenient and Clean Modular Toilets: With Karmod Quality

Karmod's Prefabricated WC with 2 Toilets provides ideal, convenient, and clean toilet solutions for events, construction sites, and public spaces with its 10 m² area and high-quality materials. These modular toilets are designed to carefully respond to users' needs, offering easy cleaning and maintenance options. As the most preferred brand, Karmod stands out with high standards and reliability in modular toilet solutions. This product offers a hygienic, safe, and comfortable user experience, meeting your projects' hygiene needs in a quality manner.

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