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Prefab Shower Toilet 62 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 5,22 m - 7,63 m
  • Width 10,14 m
  • M2 62 m²
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Prefab shower units and toilet blocks are mobile cabins used in places where there is no plumbing or water use is not possible. Prefabricated toilets are used in many sectors such as remote work areas, concerts, sports events and outdoor meetings. There are many advantages to using a prefabricated toilet, but one of the most important features sought in a toilet is undoubtedly its hygiene. A public toilet used by more than one person, whether modular or conventional, must be hygienic. Another advantage of modern technology is that it saves water consumption. Prefab toilets use less water compared to traditional toilets. This feature is already an important solution for toilets used in areas far from water sources. Over the years, prefab toilets have been adapted to better suit the needs of the end user.

Eco-Friendly Prefab Toilets

The usage conditions of the prefabricated buildings, from the design to the materials used, have been developed in accordance with the developing technology. Eco-friendly features are one of the increasing requirements in modern architectural structures. You might think how eco-friendly a toilet can be. Thanks to the materials found in modular toilets, it has an environmentally friendly feature. The damage to the environment is much less than a conventional toilet. Another advantage of prefabricated toilets is their low cost. Thanks to the possibilities provided by modern production technology, the cost of toilets is low, although they are durable and environmentally friendly. It can be moved to the desired location and can be changed later if desired.

Practical and Affordable Karmod Prefab Toilets

As prefabricated building technology evolves, the prefabricated shower industry has been growing over the years. Prefab toilets are becoming more common for all events, from small gatherings to big festivals. Ladies’ , gents prefab toilet shower blocks are ideal for a wide range of businesses, including construction sites, transport companies, seasonal workers. Especially with the covid-19 pandemic, the need for modular toilets has increased more than ever. With the spread of modular hospitals and other health units, the need for prefabricated toilets in temporary and permanent projects has also increased. Prefab shower units and toilet blocks are also commonly used at social and sporting events. Modular units for construction sites and other projects that require temporary accommodation are not foreign structures. As Karmod, we provide mobile container services all over the world. Not only in social events, but we also meet the toilet needs of areas that do not have water facilities or are not hygienic enough.

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