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Modular Public Bathrooms 145 m²

  • Height 2,5 m
  • Depth 7,73 m
  • Width 18,93 m
  • M2 145 m²
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Modular Public Bathrooms Prefab Public Bathroom

As Karmod, we've helped to bring innumerable programs and projects to fruition all across the world. Our company's basis is built on trustworthiness, long-term viability, and professionalism. We've been creating and manufacturing high-quality lodging solutions for a variety of businesses and projects for over 30 years. We create a healthy working environment for site management teams and provide accommodation options for projects with the goal of providing shelter to people in need at a cheap cost, thanks to our skilled personnel and accumulated experience. All of our products, from prefabricated houses and offices to guard cabins and dorms, are made in our high-tech factories and created by our highly trained employees at our headquarters. Our goods may be delivered by sea or land, and put on the needed location by our expert crew who are already on site, due to their mobility. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is a company that can do a wide range of tasks on many continents simultaneously. We at Karmod want to maintain our leadership position in the industry and our business practices.

Economic and Practical Modular Public Bathroom Units

When starting out a project of any size, some essentials must be placed on site like modular public bathroom buildings and construction site offices for the project to progress in a healthy manner. That is why, as Karmod, we empathize with our customers and design the best construction site essentials. Not only that, we also think about your pockets as managing the budget when supervising a project can be very stressful. Our modular public bathroom structures have a state-of-the-art insulation which allows our customers to refrain from excessive heating bills. They are also very sturdy, which allows them to endure most harsh weather conditions as well as operate on any kind of terrain.

Sanitary Modular Public Bathroom Structures

Karmod Public Bathrooms, offers modular public restrooms that are easy to install in industrial facilities, public parks, warehouses, festival grounds. They are portable, affordable, customizable, sturdy modular public bathroom solutions that are essential to have in a worksite environment. Our Modular Public Bathroom Structures are first manufactured in a professional factory environment and sent to the desired installation site via sea-way transportation systems. After that, with professional Karmod staff already present at the location before the delivery, the modular public bathrooms begin the installation process. They do not require many workforce, heavy machinery or power tools to be installed completely, just our staff can handle the process. For more information about our modular public bathrooms, please contact us.

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