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20 Capacity Toilet & Shower

  • Capacity 10 + 10
  • Lenght 12.650 m
  • Width 6.475 m
  • Height 2.500 m
  • M2 82 m²
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Affordable Large-Capacity Sanitation Solution

Karmod's 82 m² Prefabricated WC and Shower with 20 Capacities offers an excellent sanitation solution for large sites and areas with heavy usage. This cost-effective modular unit is ideal for crowded organizations, construction sites, and public areas, meeting all kinds of needs with its large capacity. Karmod prioritizes user comfort and safety with high insulation and quality material usage. For those seeking an economical solution without compromising quality, Karmod stands as one of the best options in the industry.

Quick Installation and Long-Term Use

Karmod's 20-Capacity Prefabricated WC and Shower unit meets urgent sanitation needs quickly with its fast and practical installation. With its spacious 82 m² area, this modular unit comfortably meets the needs of large groups, providing a reliable and durable structure. With years of industry experience and references in 135 countries, Karmod is a leading brand in quality and reliability. This product is manufactured to high-quality standards, ensuring long-lasting and trouble-free use.

User-Friendly and Hygienic Modular Toilets

Karmod offers a user-friendly and hygienic solution with its 20-Capacity Prefabricated WC and Shower unit. This spacious 82 m² modular unit stands out with its easy-to-clean and maintain features, offering maximum hygiene and comfort to its users. Each module is carefully designed considering privacy and ease of use. As the most preferred brand, Karmod combines modern design and high functionality to provide sanitation solutions that meet the needs of all users.

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