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Kinshasa Housing Complex Project - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Porpuse Of Use Housing Estate
Building Model Prefabricated Panel System
Number Of Buildings 1.200
Total Area 73.200 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Democratic Republic of the Congo
Completion Time 90 days
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One More Giant Housing Estate Project in Africa:

We produced 1200 housings for Congo in 3 months.

Karmod carried out one more important project that delivers solution for housing deficiency in Africa location. We completed one more prefab housing project that has 1200 housings in Congo Democratic Republic located in the middle of Africa continent. 1200 housings have been produced within the scope of the housing project. Karmod carries out an another housing estate project after the project that 1884 housings have been produced in only 7 months for Baghdad and Qut cities at Iraq in 2013. Iraq project has feature of being the biggest Prefabricated Housing Estate Project completed in on ego.

The ready-made houses we produced within the scope of the Congo housing estate project were installed to capital Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi located on the east of the country. 900 housings were designed and installed at the first stage of the project designed as two stages. 300 more housings were prepared at the second stage. One storey and two storey housing models were used for the project. Number of one storey housings was 900 and number of two storey housings was 300.  The one storey prefabricated houses that have two-bedroom plan are 51 square meters. The two storey prefabricated houses that have two-bedroom plan are 91 square meters.

The houses produced with Karmod new generation modular house system were delivered to Congo by sea and than to Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi cities where the installation will be made. The modern cities were prepared at both cities by completing the installation of the housings with regional workforce and under the leadership of our supervisor teams.

Karmod House delivers an important solution for housing estate project in horizontal architecture with its prominent superior features like long lifetime, technologic fast production system, easy transportation and easy installation on site. This provides big easiness and advantage to especially African countries where construction resources are costly and limited, and housing deficiency is high.

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