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Fekola Mine and Anaconda Region Construction Site Buildings

Porpuse Of Use Gold Mine Exploration Workers’ Camp
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 5 Blocks (3 Blocks Three Storey, 2 Blocks One-Storey)
Total Area 4.056 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Keniaba, Mali
Completion Time 115 days
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Our New Generation Container Buildings are in Fekola Mine Site

Our new generation container construction site buildings were preferred for construction site mobilization buildings in Fekola Mine Site, one of the important gold mine sites in Africa continent. Fekola Mine and Anaconda Region are located on Senegal border, 40 km south of Kenieba city, the southwest of Mali.  

864-Person Construction Site Mobilization

Anaconda area that is placed in Fekola gold mineral stratum was found as a result of drilling works in the year of 2020. The Mine Business that speeds up activities of gold extraction after the detection, came to an agreement with Karmod for the construction site mobilization building production. It has been decided that 5 seperate blocks will be installed with container construction site model by doing a planning according to the personel number who will stay at the construction site workers’ camp during the project.

Preproduction of the mobilization that has 4056 m2 closed area and 864-person capacity, was made in modern facilities with new generation container model in very short time like 14 days after the project. The buildings that has been prepared for delivery with package system have been delivered to Dakar horbor of Senagal with maritime container transport and then to mine site in Mali by land. The construction site buildings whose assembly was made by our teams that is prepared on the day the logistics of the buildings are completed, has been made ready in only 115 days.

5 Blocks were installed within the scope of the Anaconda mine site camp mobilization project. Three of these buildings are consisting of three-storey construction site container dormitory buildings. Each of dormitory buildings has 1260 m2 closed area and 230x6 meters 78 containers units were used in every building.

Wc and shower container buildings on both sides at the end of the corridor with 24 container dormitories were placed in every floor. There are six each wc shower cabins in wc shower container units. There are two more 138 square meters buildings in container construction site project. In the construction of these buildings, 230x12 meters sized 5 units jointed containers were used. When one of these buildings is used as container dining hall, the other building wil be used as container fitness center.

Construction Site Mobilization is in Fekola Site from A to Z.

Fekola Mine Site Construction Site Mobilization project that was installed on site by using modern construction site building production technologies with Karmod speciality, was completed from A to Z as turnkey. Right along with production and installation of buildings, every detail were considered and every materials like dormitory ward bunk beds, beds, changing room, working tables, office furnitures, dining hall kitchen equipments, dining table and chairs, wc shower units, mirror, soap dish  were prepared and delivered by Karmod. 

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