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For over 35 years Karmod has been designing and improving container structures. With experienced research and development team, we have been successfully implementing innovation and new technologies to all of our products. This allowed us to become the most reliable prefabricated, modular and container provider available in the market. As Karmod, we know the importance of managing valuable resources when starting out a project. That is why we offer the best affordable, practical and reliable any kind of accommodation solutions for our customers. All of our products are produced in a professional factory environment by our experienced staff. Because we value quality over quantity and attach great importance to reliability, we work constantly and meet the needs of our customers. We are, however, aim to achieve more by designing our products in a way that allows them to offer more than you need. Our initial aim is to maintain the mutual respect we have between our customers and constantly design new and innovative designs while improving the already existing ones to widen our already great catalogue.

Our wide variety of modular homes, prefab houses, security huts and containers give you a lot of options in terms of practical accommodation and other types of servicesWe have always prioritized high quality at Karmod, and we have made major contributions to the completion of numerous large and small projects. Despite the fact that the concepts of prefab, container and modular are not new, we are confident that we can modify our clients' perceptions of the term "prefabricated, modular and container" because some people assume that prefab houses and practical accommodation solutions are less reliable than permanent structures. Prefabricated dwellings, on the other hand, have been shown to be more durable, less expensive, and more convenient than permanent structures. They can even have their complete product customized on demand and supplied that way. Construction containers are the future of the accommodation in construction sites, according to Karmod Prefabricated Technologies.

Our products are manufactured in our facilities employing the newest technology with the assistance of our expert personnel, combining modern architecture with practicality. They outperform all traditional building methods in terms of price and quality, and they are especially popular with our customers because of their customizability. Despite this, we include the most cutting-edge technologies available in this era into our goods. Construction containers are also built to fit into any environment, regardless of weather or other issues. They may be readily delivered and installed on site with our staff already present. Karmod Construction Containers also solve the amount of environmental disruption created by typical building construction since they can be constructed without the need of heavy-duty construction gear.

Construction Container

The Best Containers

Container buildings are prefabricated, demountable living quarters constructed in a professional setting. They are multi-purpose accommodation units that are both inexpensive and effective, making them ideal for project sites and activities. They are extremely simple to assemble and move because to their demountability. Container buildings have several advantages over traditional built buildings and other container structures on the market, primarily because they are modular.Karmod Container Buildings are designed to boost your productivity while remaining reasonably priced. Their excellent insulation technique allows you to avoid weather-related issues and high utility expenses. Karmod Containers are also quite strong.

They are built to survive any type of natural or man-made calamity and to fit into any terrain. Their demountability also makes them very easy to transport and move to other places in a short period of time. The people required to construct containers is minimal throughout the installation process because they do not require a large crew and  any heavy machinery or complicated tools. Karmod Construction Containers have a long lifespan since they are manufactured demounted using the highest-quality materials and designed in a professional setting. They can be used indefinitely. Their excellent insulation system also protects them from the effects of inclement weather, extending their longevity. They can also be readily maintained and repaired because of their demountability.

They may also maintain a strong structural integrity because the materials used in the manufacturing process are extremely robust and lightweight, making them ideal for use as a practical lodging unit. Construction container structures are on the rise due to their extraordinarily excellent performance on working fields, since traditional built buildings age fast in the field of practical housing. They are especially popular due of their long lifespan and practical application, since they can be readily deinstalled and reinstalled when they are no longer needed in the field, which is something that traditional built structures cannot accomplish. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to the practicality of our construction container structures. We make sure that they are as practical and affordable as possible while maintaining their core quality. Our expert design team is especially work continuously to improve our already existing container products and developing the existing ones. We know how frustrating it can be to manage funds when starting out a project of any size. Even if you are doing fly-in, fly-outs, it is essential to have some kind of relaxing area or an office in a construction site for both you and your personnel as it can be very hard to focus on your main goal while working tirelessly. That is why we, as Karmod, want to provide you with the best container structures that will not only give you a comfort zone in your field of work but also help you refrain extra expenses, especially in the accommodation and other matters.

Construction Container

Mobile Construction Site Offices

When starting out a project, it is essential to have some kind of office or a relaxing working environment for you to focus on the project in hand. It is both healthy and pleasing to have a mobile construction site office present at the project site as it can be quite difficult to maintain all of your resources while you are in the field with all of the distractions that are possible to confuse you and make you forget what you were supposed to focus on. That is why we, as Karmod, produce and design the best construction container that will surely increase your efficiency in the field by many ways. Our construction containers are durable, customizable, affordable, practical, reliable, sustainable and portable.

Meaning, they can be moved from one place to another with ease, they are able to withstand most hazardous environments and accidents as they are made with sturdiest and lightest materials, they can be used for a lifetime thanks to their durability. In comparison to traditional offices and other modular or prefabricated office buildings on the market, Karmod Construction Site Offices have shown to be far more efficient and practical in terms of cost. Their superior quality and greater durability set them apart from other office accommodation units, making them one of the most popular office solutions worldwide. They're also simple to carry and set up. As a result, they are incredibly rapid to deliver and assemble. Different designs have been introduced in Karmod Construction Containers in order to extend the product's life expectancy. One of the implemented designs was to improve disaster resistance. Regardless of weather or other external variables, our construction container structures may be placed on any type of terrain. Their durability sets them apart from other traditional workplaces and prefabricated modular office structures. To summarize, our products have an extremely long life expectancy, and we can confidently state that you can use them for a lifetime.

Shipping Container Construction Details

Karmod Construction Containers may come in different types and sizes such as; construction trash containers, construction container rentals, construction waste disposal containers, construction office containers, , construction garbage containers, city containers, construction trash bins and construction waste removal units. All of them are designed to make your work easier around the construction project sites and provide a healthier workspace. With a 5 centimeter sandwich panel wall and a 12,5 cm sandwich roof panel, the Karmod construction container provides excellent heat and sound insulation. Karmod is also a producer of construction containers for Istanbul's 3rd Airport. At the same time, Karmod built a 3x7 container full disassembling system for the first time in the world, using cutting-edge technology, and it met international shipping regulations. Karmod is one of Turkey's most desired enterprises due to its high quality, production of powder-coated galvanized systems, and solderless construction technology. Karmod Construction Containers are the peak of construction site utilization units. They do not produce waste and cause disturbances around the area during the installation process and when they are operational. Construction container structures are an excellent choice for those looking for a creative and unrestricted design approach.

It is less expensive and provides a wider range of options than traditional building methods. Container building maximizes the utilization of materials. They can be completely personalised and modified with comprehensive designs because they are made utilizing advanced technical methods under factory conditions. From magnitude to design, customization can be used to any subject. After that, you have the ability to make changes based on your preferences. Because of its durable construction and excellent insulating characteristics, it is long-lasting and comfortable. Construction container buildings have a lesser environmental impact during their construction and installation. In this way, it is an example of environmentally friendly architecture. With the benefits they bring, they have become one of the most important aspects of building sites. While a construction container can be utilized as a safety cabin in building sites, as well as a work office, it can also be used for the sheltering, eating, showering, and clothing needs of construction site staff. To put it another way, they can be developed, manufactured, and utilized for a variety of applications.

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Construction Waste Containers

As mentioned above, it is very important to manage and get rid of the excessive materials that come out in the realization of the project as it can cause all kinds of confusion around the workplace and affect the performance of the employees drastically. Waste management is seen as a not so important task and most people do not give enough attention to managing the excessive materials when realizing a project. However, that is a grave mistake to do. No one wants to work in a dirty field as it is unhealthy and unpleasant to see. That is why we produce the best construction waste management units that are available in the market today. With our construction waste containers, you can work on something much more important than managing the waste that comes out, that is of course the project itself. If placed correctly under supervision, they can increase the efficiency of the employees and provide a healthier workspace. Managing the waste correctly also helps you manage the space of the construction site and allows you to make plans without confusion of garbage present at the project site. To conclude, managing the waste correctly can be a difficult task but it is, without a doubt, essential for the realization of the project to go as smoothly as possible and as Karmod, we provide the most durable, odorless, practical, cost-efficient, sustainable and portable construction waste management units that will surely help you a lot for this hard task.

As Karmod, we know how hard it can be to maintain the removal of the excessive materials when working on an important project. A construction trash bin is a must-have in a project site as getting rid of the waste can be a lot of trouble. That is why we, as Karmod, have designed specific containers that are specialized in the removal and storage of the excessive materials that remain in the realization of a project. Because they are portable, all of the waste that comes out after or during the work can be stored and transported to the required location with ease. They are, by far, the most efficient and practical way to dispose of excessive materials during the realization of a project. Our cost-effective, easy-to-transport, diverse, and custom-designed construction containers make your building sites considerably more comfortable.