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Karmod sets up police security booths in Nigeria

Porpuse Of Use Security Cabins for Police Checkpoints
Building Model Security Cabins
Number Of Buildings 12
Project Year 2016
Completion Time 5 days
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Karmod established security booths to be used by police force in Nigeria

Our security cabins continue to be preferred in police security and control points. Our ready-to-use concept modular cabin structures have become the security cabin choice of The National Police Force in Nigeria, located in the west of the African continent. The security huts have been placed at important security points, especially at the Nigeria Police Force headquarters in the capital Abuja.

270x270 and 150x215 watch box cabin models were used in the project carried out by Karmod Nigeria Office. In order to facilitate the transportation of the polyester cabinet overseas, the panels prepared as disassembled are packaged and made ready for shipment. In pre-production, the guard cabin electrical installations and fixtures were prepared in such a way that no further processing is required at the time of installation. Each of the security cabins which has all the building components ready has been installed on-site in a short span of time one hour.

Wall and roof panels used in polyester cabins with GRP system are produced using full density raw materials in the conveyor system in modern facilities. Thanks to the application of special insulated insulation material placed between the panels during production, the air conditioning of the modular cabin structures is carried out very economically with minimum energy consumption. The security cabinet panels, which are heat treated in the ideal firing time with the technological method unique to Karmod, are easily noticed thanks to their shiny and smooth surface.

Ergonomics are emphasized in the design of the watch box window. The windows are placed on the security cabin so that the security guards can make the best surveillance in all three directions. The glasses used in the windows of the guard cabin are tempered glass used in the automotive industry and do not harm the security personnel in possible breakages.

Our thermal insulation polyester cabins with panel insulation are preferred all over the world, especially in the UK, USA, Russia and African countries, with their advantages such as aesthetic appearance and practical usage. It is very easy to create indoor living areas up to 50 m2 by assembling with the on-site installation of our booths which have the advantage of easy transport utilizing modular disassembling features. Our security cabins, which are used as ticket sales and shop in the Old Trafford stadium of Manchester United football club in England, now serve as police security points in Nigeria.

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