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High Quality security cabin desings

Security has always been a vital need of human and it is an considerably important need. For this reason,in the facility that is used to ensure safety; quality, durability, properties of the materials used in its construction and insulation are important criteria in the selection of these facilities. One of the facilities that is produced for security needs is security cabins.Security Cabin

From The Private Sector To The Public, Everyone's Choice: Security Cabins

Security cabins are used in many places such as constabulary and police checkpoints, toll booths, site security, construction site area security, sports facilities and airports securities, guard buildings. They are the structures that are preferred by many institutions from the private sector to the public owing to its advantages such as easy portability, easy installation and economic. They can be produced starting from 150x150 cm and up to 270x750 cm. It has heat and sound insulation. Security cabins can be produced in accordance with any climate. With their quality raw materials that are used in their production, they may have an odorless feature. With the materials that are used in the production of microbiological security cabins produced on demand, the cabin is protected from air pollutant factors. Security cabins for sale allows you to save money due to its affordable prices.

One of security cabins suppliers Karmod offers an enclosed space width of up to 50 square meters in its security cabins. They can be produced as ready via factory assembly with panel system production, and if requested they can be produced as disassembled and provides ease of transportation. Portable security cabins are easy to carry, even when they are manufactured as disassembled, they can be easily reinstalled anywhere. TSE certified materials are used in sanitary installations of security cabins.

Another security cabins that are produced by one of security cabins suppliers Karmod, is bullet proof armored security cabins. Bulletproof tests are performed on all glass and other panel combinations. These security cabins are prepared for duty points that require high security. The entire construction unit can be easily transported to other task areas with the help of a lifting Crane. These cabins are preferred security cabins in many places, from high security points such as the office of the governor, ministry, and municipal corporations to the  areas that is under threat of terrorism or war, for military personnel and police. They are produced with bullet-proof fittings from wall to glass, from door to window.  Glass of bullet proof armored security cabins has a bulletproof certificate that is issued by Tüv Rheinland, an internationally accredited laboratory company. Each room has a key, a socket and a telephone socket.

Another preferred security cabins are economic security and modular cabins.. Economic security cabins and modular kiosks are also produced from glass fiber reinforced polyester material which allows them to be the best container for sale available in the market.

You can request any product you need from Karmod, which is one of security cabins suppliers from economic security cabins to bulletproof armored security cabins, in the best quality, easiest and economical way.