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We offer building solutions for prefabricated military buildings with advantages of short time production and quick installation. Our buildings can be easily stocked or disassembled and moved to other locations thanks to its demountable system. Our modular buildings give special solutions to moving mechanized troops, UN peacekeeping forces, NATO, and other similar associations. 

Taking into consideration the international standards when preparing our prefabricated buildings, we also consider special options and applications according to national armies' standards.

Military buildings are the building units used for different needs in the military field. Some of the military buildings:

  • Weapons and Ammunition Production Facilities
  • Ammunition Storage Facilities
  • Utility Structures
  • Commissary Facilities
  • Fortifications
  • Hospitals
  • Housing
  • Administrative Facilities
  • Military Intelligence Facilities
  • POL (Petroleum, Oils, & Lubricants) Storage and Handling Facilities
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Research Facilities
  • Training Facilities
  • Vehicle Repair, Maintenance, & Storage Facilities

The defense industry is one of the areas where the most budget is allocated, which is of great importance for every country. Every modular army building used in this area requires very rigorous control. Each of these military buildings is critical due to the functions they have. The durability of these structures, their long-term use, high quality in all aspects, and resistance to climatic conditions are important. The most used system for these structures is reinforced concrete structures. However, in recent years, with the development of technology, more durable materials and more durable structures can be produced. With the developing production systems, it is possible to produce more economical, faster, more useful, healthier, and more durable structures. Modular army building is one of them. Prefabricated and container structures are used in this area. Prefab military structures, such as prefabricated military shelters, are very preferred systems. Karmod, with its experience in the building sector, has been producing special products for the defense industry recently. Accordingly, Bullet Proof Armored Cabin and Bullet Proof Visor developed in Karmod R&D are among these products. Having the advantages of fast production, easy logistics, and fast installation with its modular feature, our buildings facilitate defense and military building projects as in every field. Buildings with a size of thousands of square meters can be completed quickly, ready for use in short periods of time. These advantages make military construction operations that require speed quite easy. The use of seamless bolt-nut and plug-in technology in our structures also increases the movement maneuverability of the troops in motion. The same modular army building group can be disassembled from the junction points and shipped to a different point of use and can be easily installed again.

Modular Army Building

Modular building is the building system used in every area from construction to health with the development of technology, development of new production systems. Generally, the production of the products which are produced as disassembled is completed in the factory environment, then the structures that are delivered as disassembled to the place requested by the customer are installed by expert teams. It is delivered ready for use. Karmod prefabricated building technologies have been delivering the highest quality products to all over the world since 1986. Karmod, which has proven itself with its exports to more than 100 countries in 5 continents, is also the reason for preference in the field of modular army building.

Prefab military structure needed in different parts of the world consist of large camps. There are offices, dormitories, dining halls, recreation facilities, indoor and outdoor sports areas, warehouses and hangars, and places of worship in the camp. We produce Defense and Military Structures with our mobilization units, which can be used by moving mobile units by moving places along with permanent structures. In our productions, together with multinational pacts such as the UN (United Nations) and NATO, we also carefully consider special technical conditions in the construction needs of national armies.

Modular Army Building

Some of our projects

Our new-generation container model is the first product in the world with its 50 mm thick sandwich panel system and 125 mm thick sandwich panel system on the roof. With these features, they are safely preferable structures in modular military barracks and modular army barracks. Karmod has a significant advantage in military buildings with its diversity of structures. It offers alternative solutions to projects with its light steel system prefabricated structures, new-generation container structures, and CTP system cabin model. While light steel prefabricated and container models are used from large-scale and multi-story military facility building projects, our GRP Cabin model can be preferred for independent indoor needs of up to 50 square meters. Our building model has brought comfort to the working and resting areas of military units by providing maximum ergonomics in difficult conditions with the extra insulation and air conditioning facility it provides in both hot and cold climate conditions. Our military buildings, which are unique with superior quality, have succeeded in being the choice of building in many projects with both building security and long-lasting building class.

Karmod military buildings were preferred in the camp building complex of 500 people, which will be used by the soldiers who will work in airport security in Baghdad, the Capital of Iraq. Containers designed and manufactured with new generation container technology were installed within a very short time of 35 days. The project consists of 11 blocks in total. 118 containers of 240x600 cm dimensions were used. 144 units of living spaces were created by combining 10 units in each building. The prefabricated military shelters produced as disassembled were installed on-site and delivered ready for use. In the structures produced with the superior quality of Karmod new generation containers, there are special structures for every need such as dining hall, dormitory, management office, resting area, Wc shower units. Containers have a unique quality with 12 cm roof sandwich panel thickness and leak-proof clamp system. In the modular army building project for 500 people, a fully screwed system was used for the old isolation. Building insulation reaches a maximum level by using 40 density polyurethane between two 5 cm boards.

Another of the projects we have taken place all over the world is the installation of military buildings for the use of military officers who work in the country's military in Borno State, located in the northeast of Nigeria, one of the African countries. Military barracks construction, which we produce with the new generation container system, consists of 20 independent buildings. A structure of 40 people. 2 officers will be accommodated in each of the heart structures, which includes two rooms and a WC shower unit, in a size of 21 square meters. One of the remarkable features of the project is that the place where the installation is made is a high-security risk area where conflicts are experienced. As Karmod, we completed the project, which has such a high-security risk, in just 15 days. In addition, we have implemented a 150w solar panel on each unit roof. The energy need of the camp will be provided with these panels 24 hours a day since the installation site is quite far from the central settlement area.

Karmod's construction solutions in military facilities include the main military buildings such as the army, divisions, brigades and regiments, officers' buildings, military work offices, educational buildings, dormitories, cafeterias, officers dormitories and cafeterias, infirmary, canteen buildings, bathrooms and There are many buildings such as shower buildings and laundry. For more detailed information, you can contact us at the relevant phone numbers.