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Nigeria Borno Portable cabin Military Camp Buildings

Porpuse Of Use Military Headquarters Camp for Officers
Building Model Next Generation Container
Total Area 420 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Monguno, Borno, Nigeria
Completion Time 15 days
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We have installed special military camp buildings for military officers, who served in the national army of Nigeria and known with the conflicts in the northeast of Nigeria, to use in Borno State.

The striking feature of the project that we have realized with our next generation container model in the city of Monguno is that the place where the installation is made is a high security risk area where conflicts are experienced.

Within the line of customer expectations, the container building group was used in the project. In the project, which was prepared by Karmod in the Nigeria Office, the full demountable container model that is specific to our brand was used with the unit size. Karmod full demountable container model offers a wider interior compared to its counterparts, starting from at least 7 m².

While in conventional productions, sea transportation standards cannot exceed 14 m² with 230x595 units, this size limitation has been completely overcame with Karmod's innovative container building model, which is fully disassembled with the next generation. Unique and wide buildings can be prepared with container units with 21, 27, 36 or even 48 m² interior space with this innovative system. This situation gives an advantage to the realization of social facility buildings, container construction sites, and military camp building projects.

Within the scope of the Nigeria military facility project, 20 next generation container 3x7 units with with fully dissasembled system were prepared. 2 officers will be accommodate in each of the 21 square meter military container units. The container building includes two independent rooms that can be used by officers separately, a WC and a shower unit.

The extra implementation that stands out in the Monguno Container Military Camp project is the GES energy application with 150w solar panels placed on the roof of each unit. Since the installation site is quite far from the central residential area, the energy needed for the camp will be supplied by these panels. The solar energy produced by the panels will meet the 24-hour electricity needs of the container camp.

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