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Export of BR7 Class Armored Security Cabin to Peru

Region To Be Used Peru
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As the leading brand in production of security cabins, Karmod, has added Peru, one of the South American countries, as one of the countries to export Armored Security Cabin, which is developed in R&D process. The guard cabin, which is produced with a fully BR7 class bulletproof armored hut model of 2x3 meters, will be used at the police security point in Lima, the capital of the country. Karmod armored security cabin, which raises the security cabin expectations to an advanced protection standard, is produced by using bulletproof armor steel on the whole body of the structure.

Custom made glasses that are tested with armor-piercing rounds are used in the making of window glasses of the armored huts as well as in the door sigh glass and vents. The windows on three sides of the armored guard huts are designed in ergonomics for the personnel working inside the hut to make the best watch when they are standing or sitting. Maximum visibility was aimed to achieve by using windows on all sides of the armored cabin. These window areas, which have completely bulletproof standards, have arm firing gates in 3 directions. It provides safe protection during and after the shooting with the crank handle on the special arm grating. These firing grates are specially spring loaded and easy to use in opening and closing.

BR7 class protection is also included on the door of the security cabin with the same standards, and in this respect, the cabin creates a fully safe working environment for the personnel with providing bulletproof shield. The back of the building can also be fully controlled with an ergonomically used sight glass in the middle of the door.

There are also bullet-proof ventilation holeson the upper parts of the security cabin on three sides. Sirens and projectors that can be controlled from inside the building were placed. While night security scans were facilitated with projectors, with the siren, it was aimed to create panic for the attacker in possible attacks. At this stage, the interest from abroad for our armored cabins, which successfully passed the tests, is pleasing.

The armored security cabin produced with Karmod expertise is preferred in many service areas that require high security, especially in national police and military units. It is used in many different security service areas such as embassies and consulates, holding centers, presidency and prime ministry protection points, high-level public buildings, terrorist zone security points, and cross-border border protection areas.

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