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Gold Mine Workers Camp, Saza, Tanzania

Porpuse Of Use Mining Camp Buildings for Workers
Building Model New Generation Buildings
Number Of Buildings 3x12 and 3x6 m² units
Total Area 1.080 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Saza, Tanzania
Completion Time 8 days
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Gold Mine Site Buildings Project in Tanzania

Karmod, which has carried out many mining construction site projects throughout Africa, also carried out a construction site project in Tanzania, another central African country.

The construction site container camp we established in the city of Saza is located in the west of the country, near Lake Rukwa, which is 800 meters above sea level, where historical Dinosaur fossils stretching to the south with a length of 180 km. The site buildings will be used by workers involved in gold mining.

Thanks to the mobilization camp group built with our Karmod New Generation Container model, extremely fit and comfortable areas were created for the workers. In the construction site container project, our container units of 3x12 and 3x6 meters were used, which we carry out in our modern facilities with a fully disassembled system. With its sandwich panel roof and wall panels and double-glazed window systems, Karmod New Generation four living containers stand out with their highly insulated structure against rain, dust and sand that will be experienced in seasons.

Construction Site Camp Residents Are Very Happy

Standing out with its ergonomics and comfort, Karmod container mobilization structures bring vitality to workers those staying in the harsh conditions of mining sites. New generation construction site container buildings provide the same comfort in extremely hot or cold climates with factors such as intense wind, dust - soil, rain, mud, which are frequently seen in construction site conditions. Our container mobilization structures make workers feel at home with the insulation comfort they provide in cold and hot climates.

Like in our other buildings, workers in the Tanzania gold mine container construction site camp are also very happy to stay in our buildings that offer healthy living spaces. The staff emphasized that our buildings offer a luxurious and safe resting area in the comfort of home.

Largest Unit Structure in Container Dormitory Buildings          

Karmod new generation fully demounted production concept is a building model that can be transported with the system called bulk cargo in the international transportation literature. Thanks to this feature, construction site mobilization projects can be prepared much more easily with container units of much larger sizes than their counterparts. In the Tanzania gold mine construction site project, 3x12 meter units were used to provide the largest space presentation in container dormitory buildings.

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