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TOGG "Aydınlar İnşaat" Construction Site Dormitory Building

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Dormitory Building
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 146 m2
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Bursa – Turkey
Completion Time 9 Days
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The choice of the best Karmod prefabricated dormitory

It is the choice of Karmod brand projects in construction sites, which adds ergonomics of use as well as the advantages of fast production, easy transportation and on-site installation in a short time with the use of technology. Karmod structures, which are preferred in important projects such as "BP AZFEN Şahdeniz 2" and Istanbul Airport construction with its expertise and advantages, continue to be the choice of brand and prestigious projects. Karmod has added Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group project, whose short name is TOGG, to its prestige projects. With our latest project, we have installed the prefabricated dormitory building in the factory production facilities of Turkey's automobile brand TOGG in the Gemlik district of Bursa.

Prefabricated dormitory for 80 people ready in 10 days

The prefabricated dormitory building, designed by Karmod technical office and produced in pur modern facilities, was delivered with installation in a short time like 10 days. The building, which was installed at the beginning of 2020, will be used by the personnel working in the construction of the TOGG automobile factory. There are 10 separate dormitory rooms in the dormitory building, which was designed and built using the prefabricated building model. Each room can accommodate 8 people at the same time. According to the ergonomics of use of the rooms, right-handed placement was made along the corridor in the middle. Dormitories are accessed from one end of the corridor, while at the other end there is a large lobby hall. In the lobby hall, it is aimed that the new personnel who will start working at the facility can rest for a short time. There is also a guesthouse in this area.

 International worker accommodation standards in Karmod prefabricated dormitory

Dormitory buildings, each of which is designed with Karmod expertise, stand out with their compliance with international standards and ergonomics of use. In prefabricated dormitory buildings, projects are offered to customers according to ready concept person capacity. In addition, the special expectations of the project owners can be customized by reflecting them to the dormitory projects with expertise. International standards begin with just entering the dormitory building. The width standards in the corridors are applied with the advantages of ergonomics of use. Dormitory rooms are specially designed according to the number of people to be accommodated at the same time. Ventilation can be carried out practically regardless of summer or winter. The wall and roof system, prepared using sandwich panels, has the superiority of isolation that facilitates air conditioning with sound.

Fully secure electrical system in prefabricated dormitory buildings

Electrical project and application is extremely important in terms of fire safety in construction sites. In fire reporting, the sad situations that occur at construction sites are mostly caused by electrical contact. Karmod construction site structures leave behind electrical incidents with full fire safety. In the environment where static calculations of building safety are carried out in a special software computer program, the electrical project is also put on the agenda. With the use of a special program, the necessary electrical project for the dormitory building is being prepared safely. The factory gains full fire safety with the electrical project inspected by the quality control system in production and field applications.

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