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Farm Houses Project, Uzunoba Water Tank, Babek – Nakhchivan

Porpuse Of Use Farm Houses
Building Model Prefabricated Panel System
Number Of Buildings 30 Detached Houses
Total Area 1.500 m2
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Babek – Nakhchivan
Completion Time 55 days
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Housing Project in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan

Houses that will be built near the Uzunoba Dam of Babek province in Nakhchivan are to be used as farm houses. In our world where healthy food supply channels narrow every passing year, prefab houses that will be built as a part of a project will be quite functional. Houses that are starting to be built near by the irrigation dam, are going to encourage agricultural activities which will eventually increase the agricultural production in the area.

The production of the houses within the scope of the project, in which the long-lasting prefabricated housing type was used, got carried out in a short period of 10 days at Karmod modern facilities.  Previously manufactured houses were shipped to Nakhchivan by road transport.  Prefabricated houses, where an average of one house is installed every day with a good organization, were completed in a short time such as 30 days.  The installation of prefabricated houses was carried out on an area of 20 hectares around Uzunoba Dam.  The residential areas were built by dividing into 800 m2 zones.

When the project is completed, 193 farmhouses will have been installed in the region, all for the use of farmers. In the first phase, securely built and livable modular houses were prepared for 30 farmer families.

Housing project is realized by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan.

It was emphasized in the decision of the Council of Ministers that the aim was to create and use agricultural gardens in order to effectively organize the recreation of the population living in cities and settlements, to increase greenery and to improve ecological conditions.

For the citizens to whom the lands are allocated, the condition of using the land in accordance with its purpose, growing agricultural products except prohibited plants, and using water resources according to the needs of the land was also emphasized.

In the first stage, 30 prefabricated houses were installed on the land where orchards will be planted. Thus, 10 no’s of 2-room 47 m2 and 5 no’s of 3-room 52 m2 prefabricated houses were built on the allocated project area. The land allocated for each house was fenced and landscaped.  The road infrastructure has been completed in the region, along with water, sewerage and electricity.

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