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Prefab Security Guard Shacks

Karmod 17.08.2022
Prefab Security Guard Shacks

Prefab Security Guard Shacks and U.S. Military

Mausoleas were built at in European countries, especially France in commemoration of the American soldiers who died during World War 2. Karmod Security Cabin was preferred with its design in accordance with the historical concept for the usage of security personnel that works for guard of American graveyards throughout Europe.

Security Cabin that gets President Trump’s Attention

At France visitation, former President of the USA Donald Trump visits Normandie American Graveyard and Monement that was prepared for the American soldiers died during World War 2. The security cabin President Trump saw during his historical graveyard visitation got his attention. He got information about the issue and this cabin was the security cabin Karmod produces.  The relevant cabin was the guard booth model manufactured with precast cabin system that is proposed for the graveyard usage and designed by Karmod France Office previously. President Trump emphasised that the relevant security cabin is quite a good choice with its unique design for the personnel that takes charge in these important graveyards honouring dead soldiers’ memory. He instructed that this security cabin should be used at the American graveyards located throughout Europe.

Karmod Security Cabin for 20 American graveyards throughout Europe

Authorities taking action with the instruction of Trump, decided the Karmod security cabin usage for the 20 seperate graveyards where there are bodies of American soldiers and citizens . And they ordered. Prefab security guard shacks the guard booths produced in a short time as ready for use with Karmod expertise were dispatched to prefab security guard shacks France and othet countries in Avrupa via road transport. The guard booth designed at 150x150 size special for the use of one-person personnel immediately attracts the attention with its design grace where it is placed. It creates a good concept with its cream colored main body painting and aluminium doors and windows in anthracite color.

The first security cabin is for Normandie American Graveyard and Monument

The first security cabin for the American graveyards and monuments throughout Europe was produced first for Normandie American Graveyard and Monument. Normandie American Graveyard and Monument is located in a rocky areas overlooking Omaha Beach that is one of the military landing beachs of Normandie Occupation and La Manche. Temporary graveyard was built In France on 8 June 1944 for the first casualties in USA army during World War 2. The area where there are graveyard and monument today is built at the east of the first graveyard built after the war at a very close distance.

Normandia American Graveyard and Monument was established at an area of 172.5 acres and there are bodies of American soldiers most of whom died in Normandie Occupation during World War 2. 9388 American soldier killed in this period were buried to the graveyard according to the records. Graves of United States Air Force Crew taking part in the plane shot down in France in 1942 are located here according to the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) records. And Normandie American Graveyard and Monument is in the most visited graveyard position with one million visitors annually according to the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) records.

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