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2020 Modular Cabins Catalog

2020 Modular Cabins Catalog

Modular cabins continue to offer practical solutions in many areas from the construction industry to the service industry. Products with ergonomic design come to the fore with their functionality. Cabins have to be of limited size due to their structure and space efficiency greatly affects the conditions of use. If the space in a larger cabin is not utilized efficiently, it will not differ much from smaller cabins. The material used in the production phase also affects the space efficiency of the cabins. Cabins produced as standard are produced from quality materials to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. However, its durability does not prevent it from being light. The most important feature that makes modular cabins more advantageous than traditional structures is, of course, that they are portable. In this respect, its lightness is the main feature that distinguishes a cabinet from traditional structures. Portable cabins can be installed in any location needed. Although the projects are similar, modular cabins should provide the same efficiency in environments with different terrain and weather conditions. Even in a fixed location, seasonal changes affect environmental conditions. Karmod modular cabins are produced to offer the most practical solution in all seasons and conditions. Thanks to its durable structure, the cost of the cabins, which provides a long-lasting user experience, is also lower when compared to traditional structures. It can be produced as a standard, as well as the interior and exterior design of the cabins can be customized according to needs. When you want to make changes or add to the cabins during the project, modular structures provide you this opportunity. As Karmod, we understand that each project has its own characteristics and we believe in the importance of working together. For more than 30 years, we have been producing practical solutions all over the world.

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