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Portable Office Container K 3006

  • Height 2,64 m
  • Depth 2,99 m
  • Width 6,94 m
  • M2 20,75 m²
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Container Camp Construction Mine Site Accommodation

One of the biggest challenges for labor camps is to provide living quarters for labor in undeveloped remote areas. Karmod Modular Buildings offer the ideal solution with specially designed modular human camp buildings. Our buildings can be designed, constructed and deployed quickly and efficiently to help you get your operations up and running quickly. Container camp construction can be easily removed and installed on another site with minimal environmental impact. Karmod, the leader in mining camps, has the right options, facilities and access to the houses you want at affordable prices. Our mining site accommodation container modules are ideal for mining camps and workers accommodation and Remote accommodation man camps.

Modular Buildings for Mine Site Accommodation

With our modular housing solutions, you can take advantage of industrial durable housing, lower energy costs and home comfort. For long-term improvements, these economies of scale facilities are built to be needed and are fully customizable for all the unique requirements of your project. Large or small modular enclosure option allows your employees to feel at home with temperature-controlled thermostats, large living spaces. Employees will be rested, satisfied and ready to give their best. The various advantages of the modular enclosure ensure that your workers are well taken care of. With over 34 years of vast experience, Karmod markets include all modular accommodation projects and remote housing needs. Modular buildings can be easily dismantled and installed on another site while leaving minimal environmental impact. Modular mining camp building facilities can be easily expanded with additional buildings to meet operational needs.

World Best Modular Mine Site Accommodation

Karmod's large-scale mine site accommodation offers maximum durability, efficient design and excellent living spaces and can be quickly constructed as single or multi-storey building structures. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent, affordable container camp construction, you are at the right place. Karmod manufactures commercial modular buildings and accommodation buildings that can be used for many different purposes. Karmod mine buildings are well known in the mines and business sector. We have carried out several modular construction site containers projects in remote locations around the world. Our fast modular structures will significantly increase the productivity of your employees. We have years of experience in creating environments where employees feel close to home. We believe this is an integral part of the success of any remote operation and we have focused our work on creating the best temporary buildings available in the industry.

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