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155 m² Container Clinic

  • Width 23.8 m
  • Lenght 6.4 m
  • Height 2.6 m
  • M2 155 m²
  • Capacity 11
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155 m² Container Clinic: Revolutionize Healthcare Services

Nowadays, the accessibility of healthcare services has become more important than ever. Karmod's 155 m² modular container clinic, featuring 8 rooms, is an excellent way to provide quick and effective healthcare services to remote areas. This spacious modular clinic is equipped with high insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for any climate condition. With its hygienic and portable structure, the 155 m² Container Clinic is specially designed to serve in challenging geographies. Karmod takes healthcare services to a new level with this innovative solution.

Act Immediately with Quick Assembly: 155 m² Container Clinic

Emergencies do not wait. Therefore, Karmod prioritizes speed and efficiency in the assembly of the 155 m² Container Clinic. Our professional teams quickly set up your clinic wherever you desire, ensuring the prompt delivery of emergency healthcare services. This spacious area of 155 m², offering 8 separate rooms, provides privacy for patients while its large treatment areas increase the efficiency of healthcare workers. Karmod's quick assembly solution solidifies its status as the "most preferred brand" in the industry.

Meet Karmod Quality: 155 m² Container Clinic

Karmod has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the modular construction sector. The 155 m² Container Clinic reflects Karmod's high quality standards. Each module is manufactured using the best materials and designed for long-term use. Recognized as a global leader with references from 135 countries, Karmod facilitates access to healthcare services with its affordable, highly insulated, and employee-comfort-focused design. With Karmod, it is possible to achieve quality at affordable prices.

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