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ZEYPORT Port Office Building

Porpuse Of Use Service Building
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 36
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time 1 Day
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We are at ZEYPORT, Turkey's sea border gate, with our office building

Our new generation container office building was preferred at Zeytinburnu Port. Zeytinburnu Port Management Industry ve Tic. Inc., whose short name is ZEYPORT was put into service in 1999. Zeytinburnu Port serves as Turkey's Permanent Passenger Entry-Exit Sea Border Gate. Located in the central location of Istanbul, ZEYPORT is built on an area of 46.000 m². Many companies provide service in the port. One of them is Hakan Denizcilik, which has been serving in the sector for more than 30 years. As Karmod, we built an elegant office building for the company used by Hakan Yalçın. The office building, where the 3x12 new generation container unit is used, has been given an extra aesthetic in terms of architecture with extra coating applications.

Ready made luxury container office buildings

Luxury container office buildings, which are produced in modern facilities with the best materials using new generation technologies with Karmod's expertise, have a ready-made system. With its ready-to-use building model, it is especially preferred for office needs of different sectors. Ready-made concept factory production completely leaves the field construction processes behind. In the construction of modern office buildings, the problems of drawing the project, laying the foundation, dealing with the organization of a large number of masters are completely left behind.

Providing service within the Zeyport port, Hakan Denizcilik is among the brands that experience these advantages with its new container office building. The office building, which was produced ready for use in modern facilities, was unloaded from the vehicle on the day it was shipped and put into use as soon as it was placed in the port. Within the scope of the project, room partitions, toilet unit, electrical and water installation applications were produced ready-made up to the fixtures. The ready electrical installation was collected in a special junction box placed behind the building. With the connection of this junction box to the main power network, electricity can be supplied to the building practically. Similarly, drainage and clean water installations are prepared by giving an outlet to the back of the building. Waste and clean water connections can be easily connected to the main networks.

With its sandwich panel wall and roof system applications, Karmod has the best air conditioning performance in new generation container office buildings. The PVC window system, which provides full coverage with double glazing, makes an extra contribution to the insulation. In-office air conditioning is carried out with minimum energy consumption and saves budgets with savings.

Zeyport Harbor at a glance

Established in 1999 in the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul, the port has been serving as Turkey's Permanent Passenger Entry-Exit Sea Border Gate since 2016. The port is built on an area of 46,000 m2 in total. It has 27,000 m2 customs area. The quay pier feature has 5 finger piers, each of which is 112 meters long and has a capacity of 10 ships. 4 Ro-Ro ramps are located in Zeyport port. The port's vehicle handling capacity is 65,700 units/year.

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