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Chemical and Hazardous Waste Storage Container Project

Porpuse Of Use Hazardous Solid Waste Management
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1
Total Area 21 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Istanbul – Turkey
Completion Time 5 Days
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Hazardous Waste and Chemical Waste Container

The hazardous and chemical waste container developed specifically for sustainable environmental management has an important function in protecting nature. The waste container provides a safe solution for the storage of irregular and random production residues, especially in factory production facilities. While waste management is an important problem for all sectors, this special container developed in this area makes a full contribution to environmental protection. All kinds of waste generated during production pose a great threat to the environment. From plastic waste to contaminated waste, from chemical waste to hazardous waste, a large number of important wastes arise in production facilities. Waste management is an absolute necessity in order to ensure the recycling of these wastes by eliminating the harm to the environment. A waste container has been developed in order to provide full protection to the environment by eliminating the harms of waste. In order to facilitate garbage waste management, the design of the building was carried out taking into account the site conditions.

Waste container for practical use

In terms of practicality of use, the waste container is designed with the size of 3x7 meters and 21 m2. This design, which is specific to the needs of different sectors, can be customized in terms of size. The collection of contaminated waste in factory waste is a must. In the observations made while developing the Karmod waste container, it was observed that the necessary care was not taken in the collection of chemically contaminated wastes and packaging wastes in the production facilities. The main reason for this was that there was no storage area in the production area where such wastes could be collected. For this reason, in the development of the waste container, it was aimed to store the contaminated wastes and packaging wastes in a practical way and to bring them into recycling.

Waste management in industrial facilities is easier with special containers

Karmod hazardous waste containers make waste storage a problem. The management of environmentally harmful wastes that occur during their production is carried out easily. In the hazardous waste container , the packaging wastes used in production can be stored together with the contaminated wastes contaminated with chemicals . It is also possible to store hazardous waste in the same container. Many items such as chemical-containing drums, sealant and silicone waste, paint-like packaging waste, medical waste, and expired batteries can be safely stored in the waste container.

The waste container is the safest

The waste container is non-flammable with its floor, wall and ceiling system. A sprinkler fire extinguishing system, which is automatically activated at 75 degrees Celsius, has been applied against possible fire risks in the interior ceiling of the building . A ramp with a special wide door entrance is placed at the entrance of forklift -like vehicles. Forklift movements can be made easily from the wide door and special ramp . Ventilation-specific vents, which are extremely important especially for chemical wastes, have been designed and applied to every aspect of the building. Lighting fixtures are placed with special ergonomics and full illumination is provided when entering the building in the dark. The inner shelf system has also facilitated the storage of special waste.

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