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UNICEF Chad Country Office Project

Porpuse Of Use Country Service Office of the Establishment
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 2 Blocks (2 Floors Each)
Total Area 700 m2
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used N'Djamena, Chad
Completion Time 48 days
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We Established Office Buildings for UNICEF in Chad

We established office buildings for the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Chad, a North-Central African country. The Karmod next-generation container structures were used in the office buildings set up in the capital city of N'Djamena.

The project's story started with the contact between Karmod, which has previously carried out numerous office projects for UNICEF and the UN, and the UNICEF Chad Office. In the discussions, a service building where the works to be carried out for children throughout Chad would be organized came up. In the project, evaluations were made in the alternatives of prefabricated, light steel, and container building models. After the evaluations, considering the features of the space where the installation will be made, it was decided to construct two separate two-story container office buildings.

Following the decision, action was taken quickly, and firstly, the design and approval phase of the project was initiated. With the approval of the project, the production of office buildings started. Within the scope of the project, the production of 50 container units in the disassembled assembly system was realized. The manufacturing process of the structures produced with Karmod's next-generation container technology in modern facilities was completed in three days. After production, the structures were loaded into sea containers for shipment to Chad, where the installation will be made, and sent to the port. The structures, which arrived in Lagos, Nigeria by sea transport, were loaded onto trucks from here and delivered to N'Djamena by road transport.

When the container office assemblies reached N'Djamena, the Karmod supervisor team was also directed there for the installation at the same time. The container office structures, which were taken off from the vehicles and started to be installed, were made ready for use in a short period like 48 days and delivered to the UNICEF Chad authorities.

Karmod's Next-Generation Container Offices Bring Comfort

With its spacious ergonomic design at maximum width, quality, and insulation performance, Karmod brings comfort to next-generation container office structures. The entire system, from the wall to the roof, is completely sandwich-panel, providing energy savings in any climate condition without distinguishing summer or winter. The indoor environment becomes warm with the least energy usage, while the generated heat is preserved for a long time.

It can be produced quickly. It can be installed quickly without the need for other construction materials by professional teams at the site of use.

Short Information About UNICEF

Serving with the abbreviation of the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF is an institution under the UN umbrella. UNICEF is a service fund affiliated with the United Nations. Its primary existence purpose includes protecting the rights of children worldwide. It aims to rescue children from difficult situations, support their education, and provide material and moral support. It operates with common funds funded by many member countries of the UN. UNICEF has offices in 156 countries and actively operates in 194 countries."

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