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Nigeria United Nations Development (UNDP) Office Building

Porpuse Of Use UNDP Nigeria Office
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings One block, two storey
Total Area 1.147 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Maiduguri - Nigeria
Completion Time 12 days
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UNDP Nigeria State Offices were Installed with the Container Buildings

Our new generation container buildings were preferred for the Nigeria office of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Organization. The buildings produced within the project in Karmod Nigeria Office wiil be used as UNDP service office in Maiduguri.

Karmod carrying out so many project in more than 110 countries has been preferred for the building projects of the world's most important organizations like UN, UNICEF in Nigeria with the innovator prefab and container office buildings it produces.

Karmod products are manufactured as demounted in the modern facilities located in Turkey and they are delivered to the countries where those buildings will be used. They are delivered ready for used in a short time by Karmod teams arriving at the assembly site on the day of shipment. We run important projects like container refugee camp and prefab emigration office for UN in Nigeria. The mobile schools we produced for UNICEF are being used in Borno since 2015. Right along with the public establishments across the country, we run worker camp construction site building projects of the private sector mainly oil and mining.

UNDP Maiduguri office buildings have been produced with Karmod new generation container building model. Our new generation model has unwelded screwed system and stands out with its high thermal insulation and long-lasting structure. The container office buildings where 12 personnels will serve have 216 square meters area in total and there are 147 square meters office building, 69 square meters 30-person conference hall.

Among the prominent features of office buildings delivered ready to use, there are features such as the use of energy-saving air conditioners, ceramic-coated floors and the use of WC in all units. UNDP has been prepared for creating a global development network gathering under the same roof of UN. The main purpose of the program is carrying out studies that can help people have a better standard of living, especially in developing countries.

UNDP Nigeria Country Offices Established with Container Buildings

Our new generation container buildings preferred for the Nigeria office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The structures prepared within the project carried out by the Karmod Nigeria Office will be used as the office of UNDP in Maiduguri.

Having accomplished many successful projects in more than 110 countries, Karmod has become the choice of the most important organizations in the world such as the UN and UNICEF in Nigeria with its innovative prefabricated and container office buildings.

Karmod structures are shipped to the countries as disassembled where the buildings will be used by pre-production in modern facilities in Turkey. On the day the shipment is completed, Karmod teams deliver to the assembly site with ready-to-use installation in a short time.

We have carried out important projects for the UN in Nigeria, such as a prefabricated immigration office and a container refugee camp. Furthermore, the mobile schools we have prepared for UNICEF in the country have been serving in Borno State since 2015. In addition to public institutions throughout the country, we also carry out construction site projects for the private sector, especially oil and mining.

UNDP Maiduguri office buildings were prepared with the Karmod Next Generation Container building model. Our New Generation Container model has a weldless screw-on system and stands out with its high thermal insulation and long-lasting structural design. Container office buildings, which will be served by 12 personnel, are 216 square meters in size and include a 147 square meter office building and a 69 square meter conference hall for 30 people. Among the prominent features of the office buildings that are delivered ready for use, the use of energy-efficient air conditioners in the units, the ceramic-coated floors, and the use of WCs in all units.

UNDP United Nations Development Programme was prepared in order to create a global development network under the United Nations. The main purpose of the program is to work for people to have better living standards, especially in developing countries. To this end, it provides the necessary knowledge, experience and resources and studies are carried out within the framework of the program.

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