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Ukraine Container Homes

Porpuse Of Use Nova Posta Company, Courier Branches
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings Assembled 3 Units 300x700 cm
Total Area 189 m² (63x3 m²)
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Ukraine
Completion Time 3 days
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Creative container House solutions for Modern Living

Karmod is Turkey's leading container house manufacturer from 1986 to present. We sell brand new, bespoke container homes to individuals, businesses, and giants and military organizations of all sizes in 132 countries around the world. We are the reliable manufacturer of modular container buildings for thousands of customers. We produced container house solutions for post-war life in Ukraine. We believe that everyone should be able to own their own container house in Ukraine. But the odds are stacked against them. Property is very expensive to buy and there is a general shortage of accommodation throughout the country after the War. That's why we continue to build Karmod container houses for the people of Ukraine. For use as container housing and accommodation in Ukraine, we thought that post-war practical and fast-installed container homes are cheaper, more relevant and creative accommodation solutions that are affordable to people's needs. The important thing is that Container homes are new, built quickly and have no brick and mortar investment cost, which is a huge advantage.

Permanent affordable Container Homes for lack of Housing in Ukraine

Karmod container homes are innovative, modular, portable buildings suitable for many lifestyles and needs in post-war Ukraine and are excellent value for money. Whether you need a complete housing solution for a large number of people or a cottage at the foot of your garden, a Karmod container home provides the perfect place to search for a home for a fraction of the cost of a conventionally built residence. Post-war in Ukraine Local authorities, housing associations and NGOs: Container housing for the vulnerable, Post-war we designed container homes for homeless, elderly, disabled and low-income families and individuals with no money. We build independent container homes for family members who have lost property in the war: youth, students, and relatives. Staff of war-damaged factories and businesses: we design container homes for offices, workshops, and places such as displaced people and their accommodation.

Fast container homes to reduce post-war homelessness

Karmod purpose-built container houses: automatic selection brand new. It is completely designed and manufactured in our 30,000 square meter factory. A Karmod container house is specially produced with sandwich panel insulation that is resistant to snow and rain water, with insulation that does not pass cold and heat. In place of post-war devastated cities and damaged housing, the government will be actively promoting the use of modular container homes and off-site construction methods as a valid and modern approach to support and support the public. Karmod container houses provide container houses for economical and versatile accommodation for your social housing projects.

Reliable provider in the container house market in Ukraine

We have 36 years of experience in the business of modular container buildings and manufacturing container homes for many multinational customers, public sector organizations and private individuals by exporting to 132 countries since 1986. The people of the world and Ukraine rely on karmod container houses and modular buildings for temporary and permanent residential and business accommodation. Karmod Container houses work even in small areas, urban landfills, off-grid locations and land unsuitable for brick built developments. In most cases, you will not need planning permission, except for protected buildings and landscaping.

Container homes  for post-war emergencies in Ukraine

Comfortable... New life You can equip your container home with almost any modern home comfort to suit your lifestyle - all the usual, modern conveniences plus cozy wood burners, stylish wet rooms and more. Safer than regular homes. Container homes are highly insulated and robust. Doors, windows of modular container homes can be linked together and stacked several container homes together to create the housing configuration you need. A quick fix for the housing shortage. Container houses in Ukraine make efficient use of brown areas and provide good living standards. Small footprint and modular container capabilities maximize usable land.

The Agency Offices of Nova Posta, which is Ukraine's leading brand in Cargo transport.

We set up postal office buildings for Nova Posta company, Ukraine's industry-leading brand in cargo transport and non-bank electronic cash transfer. New Generation Container of Karmod, which has become the sought-after brand for long-lasting office preferences with its numerous outstanding advantages, will host Cargo Dealers of Nova Posta in capital city Kiev with its Cargo Branch Offices, each of which has 63 square meters. Nova Posta is the industry-leading brand in the top 100 businesses of the country with its economic size providing employment for over 28 thousand people in its more than 5 thousand branches. The company continues its cargo logistics operations within Ukraine as well as overseas shipping transfers.

In the location of our office buildings, which are specially designed for the corporate use of cargo branches, there are two main entrances on the facade facing the street. The wide door with a double opening on the right side, was planned in a manner facilitating the transfers during the daily intensive usage circulation of cargo companies. Extending deeply to the rear, this storage area provides a door to the attendant area in its 40 square meters interior area. The entries of main staff and customers are allowed through the door on the left that is also in the front facade. In this section, there is an entrance to the main hall where the working desk of attendant is located. In the rear, there is managerial room with glass panels. Each of the Nova Post office buildings, which were pre-produced in Karmod production facilities in Turkey, was installed ready for use in 1 day with the help of a team of 2 persons and a crane. The total installation of the Karmod cargo branch buildings established in three separate districts in the capital Kiev took only 3 days.

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