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Turkish Stream Land Section Phase 2

Porpuse Of Use BOTAŞ Natural Gas Distribution Center Office
Building Model Prefab Building
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 300 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Kırklareli – Turkey
Completion Time 15 Days
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We took our place in the Turkish Stream Project with our office buildings

The leading brand in the prefab building industry, Karmod, took its place in Turkey's important energy transmission project, the Turkish Stream Natural Gas Pipeline project. The prefab office building with a size of 300 m² was established in Kırklareli, one of the important locations of the project. The panel system prefab building model of the office structure was produced in 2021, and the field construction period was completed in 15 days.

The fastest solution for energy projects: prefabricated buildings

Energy is considered one of the most essential basic needs in today's world. Among the sources of energy, natural gas has gained a privileged position. The main factors that make natural gas important are, first and foremost, its environmentally friendly fuel feature. In addition, natural gas can be easily transported between countries with pipeline systems that are only built once, without the need for other transfer vehicles. Based on this importance, the rapid transfer of gas is the first thing that comes to mind in every newly discovered natural gas region. The rapid installation of necessary structures such as site office buildings for gas transfer, such as prefabricated structures, is also important. Prefabricated buildings are preferred for natural gas transfer stations and pipeline transmission lines due to their advantage of the fastest installation. Just like ACD Construction's choice of Karmod's prefabricated office building for BOTAŞ in the Turkish Stream Black Part 2 section, located in Kırklareli.

Special applications for Prefabricated Office for Pipeline

The pipeline prefabricated office, produced by Karmod expertise using the new generation technology without welding, was completed on site in a short time of 15 days and delivered. With its special parapet roof application, the prefab office became a structure that suits the project size with its appearance. The building reminds an E-plan with its protrusions on the front facade. The outer façade of the building was made energy-efficient by applying extra fugue stone pattern cladding on insulated wall panels.

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