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Turkey's Hidden Paradise Resort Project

Porpuse Of Use Summer House Timeshare
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 16 (15 One Bedroom Time-share Housings / 1 Facility Official Building)
Total Area 816 m²
Project Year 2013
Region To Be Used Bayburt, Turkey
Completion Time 58 days
Currently 50 guests are viewing this project

We run a Hidden Paradise Holiday Village project that set a good example for projects of municipalities and special provincial administrations that emigrate out of the city, in Bayburt. We run this significant project of Bayburt municipality with prefabricated building system for people who haven’t a house in their hometown and miss their hometown. Ready summer houses have been put into service by being built with the advantage of prefabricated building system in less than two months. At the first phase, the modular homes have been built in a way that 15 families can rent the prefab time-share housings and have a holiday. Baybur Municipality aims to host more guest with the new planned phases in later years.

Since 2014, Hidden Paradise Holiday Village located in 2 km away from Bayburt city center are entertaining their guests with 15 fully furnished time-share summer houses each of them have 51 square meters area. People who were born in Bayburt but go abroad or other cities for earning money show great interest to the prefab time-share housings. Hidden Paradise Holiday Village that are run by Bayburt Municipality service full capacity specially between June and November.

Every house in the facility built with 51 square meters one bedroom ready house and Karmod new generation prefabricated building technology is designed in way that the families can stay in comfort. In addition to two seperate rooms there are wc and shower units in each ready house.

At the fully furnished prefabricated houses in Bayburt, there are two double beds, couch, armchair, table, chair, tv, vacuum, fridge, oven, pan, saucepan as ready for use.

Expats living in Istanbul are being in the first place, people whose hometown is Bayburt from so many different provinces within the country and people whose hometown is Bayburt and live Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Belgium show great interest to the time-share houses that can be rented for 3-days periods.

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