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Touristic Buildings Project, Freetown - Sierra Leone

Porpuse Of Use Tourist Accommodation
Building Model Prefabricated Panel System
Number Of Buildings 3
Total Area 345 m²
Project Year 2019
Region To Be Used Sierra Leone
Completion Time 30 days
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Karmod Houses are now a Tourist Accommodation House in Sierra Leone

Karmod House will serve as a tourist accommodation in Sierra Leone, a country famous for its lions and diamond mines in West Africa.

In the first stage, 3 buildings were installed in the center of the capital, Freetown, and new ones will be added in the future.

Karmod prefabricated houses provide significant advantages both in transportation and  installation thanks to its technological production system. Easily shipped according to international transport standards, Karmod Houses are easy and fastly installed in a short period of time. solution provides easy on-site installation in a short time.

Karmod's Freetown Project was designed and produced taking into consideration the country's tropical climate zone. 149 and 98 square meters house models of 3+1 plan were used in the project.

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