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Tourism Residences Vama Veche

Porpuse Of Use Tourism Accommodation Houses
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 8 Housing
Total Area 168 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Constanta, Romania
Completion Time 8 Days
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Next-Generation Containers for Tourism Accommodations

We have established tourism accommodation houses in Vama Veche village, famous for its beaches in Constanta. The installation of 8 separate housing units, using the next-generation container model, was completed in just 8 days. This project, carried out in Romania, will provide boutique hotel comfort to tourists visiting the region.

The Karmod next-generation container is preferred by tourism investors for its long-lasting, secure building model and its advantage of quick production and installation. As it is pre-produced in modern factory facilities, it can be completed on-site within hours of arrival. This offers investors the opportunity to start earning immediately on the same day of installation. The short-term investment can yield a quick return while also providing extra income compared to other housing models.

A private vacation experience for each family unit

Vama Veche vacation homes are prepared with a 3x7 container model that uses bolt and nut systems, allowing them to be delivered via land transport and installed on the same day. Because it has a pre-production model, no other construction materials are needed on-site for installation. The units stand out for their superior quality and ergonomic design, and each one offers the best comfort for families.

What is in the living space?

To give the housing model a bright living space, wide windows were chosen in the design. The aluminum frames on the windows were made to match the structure's aesthetics and comfort. A spacious living area of 21 m² was created inside each unit. In addition to the living space, a small kitchen area and a WC shower unit were prepared in each home. Tourism homes, operated by private investors, can be rented daily or weekly.

What does a tourism investor gain with container homes?

First and foremost, the container homes are made with the best quality building materials and have a long-lasting standard of use. Thanks to the bolt and nut system, they are practical and easy to install anywhere without requiring much expertise. Simply having a drill is enough for installation. Investors start earning on the same day with the container home model. The new-generation container is made with high-quality building materials and can be safely used for many years. Cleaning and maintenance are extremely easy. With its specially coated, scratch-resistant metals, sandwich panel walls, and latch system, it requires very little maintenance for years. With its 125 mm roof sandwich panel thickness and special wall panels, it provides the best savings on climate control energy expenses.

About Vama Veche

Vama Veche holiday village is located on the Bulgarian border of Romania and is connected to the Constanta district. It was once part of the Limanu commune, whose historical name was Ilanlık. After the 1989 Romanian Revolution, Vama Veche grew to become one of the country's important tourist destinations. Since 1960, the village's beauty has made it a favorite spot for writers and intellectuals. In the early days of tourism, accommodation was provided by villagers and fishermen who rented out tents. Today, Vama Veche continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations with its Black Sea coast and beaches.

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