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Tourism Holiday Homes, Antalya

Porpuse Of Use Tourism Holiday Homes
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 Blocks (65 m² Houses)
Total Area 130 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used Antalya,Turkey
Completion Time 8 Days
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Special Holiday Homes for the Tourism Sector

The increasing construction costs and lengthy labor practices in concrete houses have led investors in the tourism sector to turn to prefab houses. Investors who are familiar with the advantages of prefabricated models are choosing these homes especially for new holiday home construction. Prefab homes, which are long-lasting, safe, and much more economical than traditional structures, offer investors opportunities to earn profits in a very short time.

One of the new projects carried out by Karmod in the tourism sector is located in Kaş Kalkan. Kaş, located to the west of Antalya, stands out not only with its unique beaches but also with its historical heritage. It offers both seaside and historical tourism in one go. Holiday homes that will serve tourism throughout the season in Kalkan were designed by Karmod. The installation of the 65 m² homes was completed on-site in a total of 8 days and made available to vacationers.

The houses designed under the project have a 1+1 plan. There is a large veranda in front of the houses, reflecting the basic characteristics of Karmod houses. Visitors enter the house by passing through this veranda, which offers a multi-purpose usage advantage. Upon entering the house, a spacious living room welcomes visitors. The kitchen is also planned within the living room. The other room is planned as a bedroom. These special concept homes aim to provide independent and comfortable accommodation for families visiting the region for vacation.

Prefab Homes Offer Great Advantages for Tourism Investors

Prefab homes have an innovative system that eliminates long installation and construction processes along with their primary feature of being safe and long-lasting. Rapid installation without the need for different craftsmen is one of the biggest advantages of this building model. This eliminates the problem of dealing with numerous craftsmen. Prefab homes, from walls to roofs, electricity to plumbing, doors to windows, and even painting, are installed and delivered by a single expert team. The installation time is at least 70% faster than traditional concrete-style building models. The installation of each house can be completed in a short time frame of two to four days on average. Additionally, prefab homes are much more affordable compared to traditional models. Therefore, conscious investors who want to make a profit quickly prefer modular homes, especially in tourism homes.

Kaş Kalkan, a Center of Holiday Tourism

Antalya, one of the world's popular holiday cities in tourism, stands out not only with summer tourism but also with historical tourism. Kalkan, which has recently been talked about frequently, is a holiday resort located in the district of Kaş in Antalya. Kalkan, located to the west of Antalya, is opposite to Greece's Meis Island. It is located between Fethiye district of Muğla, which is another important city in Turkey's summer tourism, and Antalya. Transportation to Kalkan is easily provided by public transportation alternatives. Kalkan has a suitable atmosphere for vacation throughout the year, dominated by Mediterranean climate.

Kalkan's beaches include Kaputaş Beach, Patara Beach, with its 12 km long beach covered with fine sand, and Kalkan Public Beach.

Kalkan, which also contains many values in terms of historical tourism, is among the places that must be visited. Among these caves, Güvercinlik Sea Cave, Blue Cave, and İnbaş Cave are listed. Kalkan, which has many natural beauties, also includes places such as Saklıkent Canyon, Gömbe Plateau, and Fırnaz Cove, which are among the tourist destinations.

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