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İzmir Bayraklı TOKİ Project Construction Site Structures

Porpuse Of Use Mass Housing Project Construction Site Building
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 1029 m²
Project Year 2022
Region To Be Used İzmir – Turkey
Completion Time 22 Days
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The wounds of the earthquake are healing, the houses are rising

New houses are being built for citizens who lost their homes after the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Izmir on October 30, 2020. Housing construction in the reserve area in Bayraklı district was started by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Social Housing Administration (TOKİ) to heal the wounds of the earthquake. Within the scope of the project, eight thousand and hundred houses are being built.

Karmod New Generation Container in TOKİ Bayraklı Social Housing Project

While there was an intense work in the region for the construction of houses after the earthquake, the preference for the construction sites where the workers would be accommodated did not change. Karmod new generation container structure was also preferred in the construction site of TOKİ Bayraklı social housing project by the workers. The dormitory buildings needed for the workers involved in the housing construction were designed by Karmod. The production of the structures designed with the three-storey combined container model was carried out at Karmod modern facilities unit by unit. With the start of the shipment, the professional installation team, who went to the site, started the assembly of the building.

Container dormitory building for 288 people was prepared in 22 days

Within the scope of the project, the production and installation of a 1029 m2 dormitory building was carried out. The production and installation of the TOKİ container dormitory building, which can accommodate 288 people at the same time, was completed in a short period of 22 days. A total of 43 container units with 3x7 meters in size were used in the construction of the dormitory building, which consists of a three-storey block. The total size of the building, which is constructed on top of the ground floor of 336 m², is 1029 m².

Each floor has 12 separate dormitories

There are 12 separate bedrooms on each floor of the TOKİ Bayraklı social housing project container dormitory building, where the ergonomics of use is prioritized. There are 36 rooms on 3 floors in total. Each room can accommodate 8 people with the bunk bed system. The ventilation system of the dorms is made in accordance with international occupational health and safety standards. WC and shower units on each floor are also planned according to the number of personnel residing. There are toilet and shower container cabins, each with 7 units, on the floors. There are hand washing sinks in the main hall, which are located in the cabins. With its sandwich panel wall and roof system, Karmod new generation container dormitory has the best insulation performance. While it offers a warm interior to the workers in the coldest days of winter, it can be easily cooled in the heat of summer.

İzmir Bayraklı TOKİ Earthquake Housing Project

With the TOKİ Bayraklı project, special residences are being prepared for the use of earthquake survivors whose houses were destroyed or severely damaged in the 6.6-magnitude earthquake that occurred on October 30, 2020 in İzmir. Within the scope of the project, 8,100 residences, determined in Bayraklı district, are being built in the reserve area. As it is known, Seferihisar-centered İzmir earthquake caused heavy damage to many buildings in Bornova and Bayraklı districts.

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