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THY Simulator Center Construction Site, Istanbul

Porpuse Of Use THY Simulator Center Construction Site Buildings
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 6 Block
Total Area 1975 m²
Project Year 2016
Region To Be Used Istanbul - Turkey
Completion Time 38 Days
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The choice for the construction of the THY Simulator Center's temporary buildings was Karmod

The construction of the THY Simulator Center's temporary buildings in Florya, Istanbul, the largest simulator training center in the world, was carried out by Karmod. The project consisted of a variety of structures, including offices, dormitories, and dining facilities, which were constructed using a combination of sandwich panel prefabrics and modern container systems.

The THY Simulator Center's temporary building complex was spread over an area of 1975 m2 and included a 588 m2 prefabricated management office, a 286 m2 prefabricated dining hall, a 777 m2 container dormitory building, a 126 m2 manager's dormitory, a 105 m2 shower unit, and an 84 m2 WC unit. Additionally, two security booths, one of which was equipped with a WC unit, were constructed as part of the project.

The construction of the Simulator Center is managed from a 588 m2 prefabricated Office

The prefab office used for the construction project of the THY Simulator Center has a size of 588 m2. The U-shaped design of the construction site office includes sections for all the necessary units for the project's management. Special sandwich panel walls were preferred for high thermal insulation and sound insulation in the wall system of the prefab office. The entrance of the building resembles a garden with a wide open area in the center and the office working areas arranged in a U shape around it. There is a long corridor at the entrance of the building that includes a reception area and a secretary's workspace. A magnificent simulator center model is located in a section of this corridor.

The prefab office includes a management office, a construction site manager's and chief's office, a building inspector's office, a project manager's office, a technical office, an architectural office, an electrical office, a mapping office, an accounting and procurement office, two multipurpose work offices, a THY technical office, a 20-person meeting room, a 32-person dining hall, as well as laboratory, mosque, and restroom areas.

The prefab dining hall building can accommodate 115 people eating at the same time

The project also included a prefab dining hall building. This building, which is 286 m2 in size, also features sandwich panel system walls like the office building. The dining hall building has a spacious dining area with a food serving counter where 115 people can eat at the same time. The outer facade of the dining hall building, which is dedicated to blue-collar workers, is enclosed with a veranda to create a lavatory area. This section, which contains multiple sinks, allows many staff members to wash their hands at the same time.

The container dormitory building has a capacity of 296 personnel

The construction of the 777 m2 personnel dormitory building in the construction site was made using Karmod's new generation container units. Each unit has a size of 21 m2, and the dormitory can accommodate 296 construction site workers at the same time. The dormitory rooms were built as single-story units with street gaps in between. In the dormitory area, four WC units with 7 toilet cabins each and 5 shower containers were placed according to ergonomic use. Thus, a total of 28 WC cabins and 35 shower cabins were prepared in the dormitory area.

Technical team's exclusive manager dormitory

The construction site of the simulator center includes a total of six separate 126 m2 container dormitories for use by managers, engineers, and technical staff. These units include a toilet and mini kitchen area and can accommodate up to 24 technical personnel at the same time.

In addition, two special container units were also produced to be used as occupational health and safety offices for this important project and were placed on the site according to the needs of the construction project. Personnel located in two separate security cabins measuring 210x210 ensure the safety of the construction site.

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