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Tuncbilek Thermal Plant Construction Site Project

Porpuse Of Use Construction Site Mobilization
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2
Total Area 522 m²
Project Year 2012
Region To Be Used Kutahya, Turkey
Completion Time 21 days
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Polat – 1, Kutahya’s third big thermal plant with its 51 MWe power, will meet the energy need o 119518 housings in every year. Polat – 1 Thermal Plant is located in Ebilcikalti region in Guragac Village of Tavsalı district, Kutahya

Karmod prefabricated construction site buildings were preferred for the construction site mobilization of Polat – 1 Thermal Plant built in Kutahya Tuncbilek by Polat Electricity Generation Corporation that is one of the Polat Holding Institutions. The two prefabricated construction site buildings that will be used as workers’ camp were built by Dogan Metallurgy, one of the transactors of Polat Holding.

We built two construction site buildings for this important project that meets energy need of nrealy 120000 housings with its production. All buildings that are need in a workers’ camp were design in these each of 261 square meters buildings. Along with worker dorms, the lockers, rest room, guesthouse and wc shower unites were prepared considering usage ergonomy in the prefabricated dormitory building. Like in all Karmod mobilization buildings, the dormitory building was designed considering occupational health and safety criteria and International labor standards were observed. Air conditioning standards of dorms, general structure insulation, wc shower unit quality standards and locations were implemented studiously.

The second building within the project is prefabricated dining hall building. The spacious and wide eating hall which became a classic of Karmod dining hall buildings, were design in this building too. People who know the harsh construction site conditions remember that construction site dining hall is kind of rest area for workers. After the tiring busy schedule, dinner time is one of the best relaxation times even it is short. Worker works at open area by the sweat of one's brow and gets hungry. While eating delicious foods in those dinner time, chatting with friends is beautiful. Dinner time in construction site may be short like 30-40 minutes but it gives a good chance for resting.

The other part in dining hall is kitchen. The kitchen has a seperate entrance that is different from eating hall for a healthier dinner service. It has been paid attention to spaciousness of the kitchen considering employee ergonomics. 

68-Person Mobilization got ready in 21 days

For preparing the construction site buildings in a short time, the easiest solution is offered by prefabricated building model. With its demounted pre-production system, a prefabricated structure can be installed and gets ready in very short time. The 68-person mobilization we made ready for Polat-1 Thermal Plant was delivered in only 21 days. 

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