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Humanitarian Aid Office and Guesthouse – Zinder, Niger

Porpuse Of Use Office, Dining hall, Dormitory and Guesthouse
Building Model Panel System Prefab
Number Of Buildings 7
Total Area 717 m²
Project Year 2015
Region To Be Used Zinder, Niger
Completion Time 16 days
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We have installed prefabricated guesthouse service buildings for refugees to accommodate in Niger with the leading organization in humanitarian aid operations throughout Africa, Direct Aid. Direct Aid, which is a Kuwait-based charity organisation, is working on humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees together with African countries.

The building Karmod built for Direct Aid in Niger, Zinder includes an administration office, prefabricated guesthouse, dining hall and prefabricated dormitories. The buildings we produced with the panel system prefabricated building model were sent to Niger as pre-produced. Within the scope of the project, a total of 7 prefabricated buildings were installed. The buildings, most of which will be used for the accommodation of refugees, have a total closed area of 717 square meters.

As the outstanding feature of the project, we can emphasize that the refugee homes are delivered with ready-to-use installation in just 16 days. 125 people will be able to stay in the refugee homes that are built.

Refugee Housing is Very Important for the Region

The Zinder region, located in the central south of the country, is a place where refugees from Nigeria are mostly asylum seekers. There are many refugee from Nigeria, mostly because of the Boko Haram incidents or other reasons. Food and accommodation needs of refugees are among the most important problems. Because of this, many international aid organizations in the region are working on refugee issues.

The fact that Direct Aid charity has taken over the refugee accommodation project is extremely important. Due to the lack of accommodation, refugees struggling to survive in difficult conditions in the Zinder region are accommodated in makeshift camps with negativities that limit humanitarian measures. A large number of humanitarian aid materials are, especially shelter, are needed in the camps, where the majority of them are women and children. From this point, humanitarian aid projects, such as the Zinder immigrant housing project, are extremely important for the survival of the people here. We are happy to say that we care about realizing a refugee housing project of this importance with our next generation prefabricated building system.

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