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Tuzla Supreme Electoral Council Service Building

Porpuse Of Use Tuzla Election Board Service Building
Building Model Prefab Building System
Number Of Buildings 2
Total Area 675 m²
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 27 days
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We added to our prefabricated office management building structures one more with Tuzla District Election Board Presidency Service Building. Supreme Electoral Council service building we built with panel system prefab building model have started to serve first in Tuzla at 7 June 2015 for the general elections. It is planned that the needed building should be built with prefab office model by examining the area where the project will be run before the installation of the prefab service building. Prefab office building is located on the land where district governorship building is located in Istanbul, Tuzla now.

Tuzla Election Board Service Building designed in one-storey plan on the land where the district governorship building is located has 675 m2 area in total. There are president room, election president room, electoral register office, election board meeting room, information processing room, kitchen and wc unites in the Election Board Presidency Building.

The building that has a size like this have been delivered by being installed in only 27 days with prefabricated building system. The Election Board Service Building whose installation would take months or years with the other alternative building models have been engaged for general elections by being made ready in a short time.

District Election Board consisting of one president and six members as is known serves for two years. District Election Boards are carrying on a business with Supreme Electoral Council.

As required by law, the most senior president is presiding of the Election Board. In the board whose two of members are choosen among the civil cervant, the other four members are choosen from the political parties that have at least one elected member in the Turkish Grand National Assembly or have been declared eligible for participation by the Supreme Electoral Council.

The main duty of district election boards is taking all measures for to ensure that the elections held within the boundaries of the district are conducted regularly, creating balloting committees, ensuring the examination of balloting committees, examining and deciding on objections against transactions and decisions, combining the proceedings from ballot box committees around the district and forwarding them to the provincial election board.

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