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Prefabricated Military Sewing House Dormitories – Sudan

Porpuse Of Use Military Sewing House and Workers’ Dormitories
Building Model Prefabricated Building
Number Of Buildings 2 Block (Two-Storied)
Total Area 1.052 m²
Project Year 2014
Region To Be Used Wad Madani, Sudan
Completion Time 32 days
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With our panel system prefabricated building model, we have completed the construction of the workers' dormitories for the use of the workers in the military sewing house and general sewing house where all the uniforms used by the Sudanese military were produced. We established the prefabricated textile factory and dormitory buildings in Wad Madani, a city of North Sudan, whose pre-production is carried out in production facilities in Turkey.

Within the scope of this project, the facility building group was designed as two unit two-storied blocks in Karmod technical office. There is a sewing house where the uniforms to be used by the Sudanese military will be produced in the first block, while the second block is planned to be used as a dormitory by the sewing staff. The capacity of the military sewing workshop was designated to employ 150 personnel.

Like in all of Karmod prefabricated buildings, the pre-production of two blocks in this project was carried out in our production facilities with light steel construction style. The disassembled structures were transported by sea container transportation to Port Sudan and from there to the city of Wad Madani by land, where they will be installed. The installation started by our on-site teams on the day the building group arrived at the site. Two blocks, with a size of one thousand 52 square meters, were installed and made ready for use in a short span of 32 days.

The sewing house, which started the production of army uniforms after the delivery and installation, is aimed to serve the Sudan army for many years. There is also a dining hall within the prefabricated dormitory building block next to the textile production block. In the project, this block also include recreation areas such as a canteen.

The personnel working in the military prefabricated sewing house consist of employees from India, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Bangladesh. The dormitory building is also used by this same staff.

Prefabricated Building System is the Fastest in Turnkey Projects

Among the long-lasting building models, the prefabricated building system provides facility in a controllable budget for turnkey projects with the advantage of short time production and fast installation. Projects that prefer this building model benefit from both time and construction investment budget.

The city of Wad Madani, where the military prefabricated sewing house is located, is administration center of the Al Jazeera Province in the country. The city, which is located on the western shores of the Blue Nile River, is 135 km away from the capital Khartoum and is in the southeast of Sudan It is one of the commercial commercial centers of Al-Jazeera, with cotton, wheat and peanuts grown in agriculture with city irrigation advantages. Transportation to the capital Khartoum is provided by road and the railway line between the two cities.

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