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Steel House in Albania

Porpuse Of Use Housing
Building Model Steel House
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 118 m2
Region To Be Used Tirana, Albania
Completion Time 15 Days
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Karmod, which provides ready house models for individual housing demands in many countries, has also established houses in Albania. The story of the house built in the capital city of Tirana with a steel construction system goes as follows: A person who wanted to become a homeowner in Albania contacted Karmod. They called our company representative to inquire about house models and prices. Our representative had a detailed discussion with the customer, providing information about the quality and comfort of our houses, the manufacturing system, transportation to the country, and the installation process.

Based on the information received, the customer requested a price quote and realized that Karmod house prices were very attractive compared to real estate prices in Albania. However, there was one concern: the availability of installation teams in their location. The customer found a solution to this issue. They requested installation videos from Karmod and carefully reviewed the videos and other documents received. They realized that they could easily assemble the steel house, which was manufactured using a bolted joint system without welding. They took a step towards realizing their dream. After years of living in rental houses in Albania and being tired of paying rent every month, they decided to purchase the house, and the process began.

4+1 Steel House Model Preferred

Our customer, who had difficulty choosing among Karmod's wide range of distinguished house models, decided to have a 4+1 steel house built. The ready house, with a size of 118 m2, was manufactured and packaged within two days after the approval stage and planning. Our house was now ready for transportation. The steel construction frames, which included walls, roof, and intermediate floor carriers, along with steel doors and interior room panel doors, PVC fence double-glazed windows, electrical and water-waste plumbing materials and fixtures, sink and toilet units, vitrified materials such as interior and exterior paints were all gathered together. The steel house was loaded onto a single vehicle on the day of shipment and arrived at the installation site in Tirana two days later.

On the same day, our customer connected to the Karmod team through video conferencing, along with watching the installation videos. With the information received and guidance from the team, they started the installation of the house. With the convenience provided by the bolt-nut system, within the framework of the ready project, they completed the installation of their first Karmod house within 15 days, making it ready for occupancy.

Real Estate Prices in Albania are Now Much More Attractive

The prices of houses in Albania may seem expensive to some, but our customer found the best solution. By purchasing a steel house from Karmod through the package system, they became homeowners in Albania and also got rid of the constant payment for rental houses. Now, they live in a two-story 4+1 steel construction villa that offers long-lasting durability, full earthquake safety, and high insulation for energy efficiency. They happily shared pictures of their new home with us, which made us proud and delighted. The ground floor of their house consists of a spacious living room with an attached kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The upper floor can be accessed through a wooden staircase in the middle, and it features three additional bedrooms, as well as a bathroom and a toilet.

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