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State Hospital Covid19 Private Polyclinic - Paris

Porpuse Of Use State Hospital Covid19 Private Polyclinic
Building Model New Generation Container
Number Of Buildings Single Storey Building
Total Area 84 m²
Project Year 2020
Region To Be Used Paris, France
Completion Time 1 days
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Karmod installed Covid19 polyclinic for a private hospital in Paris in only one day!

When covid19 showed up in 2019 December first in Wuhan city of China, despite warnings from the World Health Organization, nobody couldn’t estimate that this sickness will affect the whole world in a short time. Corovirus showed up in China spread the world in a short time.

It has caused so many deaths in a short time, particularly the old-age population. Pandemic was urgently announced all over the world. It has come into the picture that even the developed countries whose health infrastructure is known as powerful are unprepared against this threatening sickness. On the one hand, medical personnel deficiency, on the other hand, intubation ventilator and intensive care insufficiencies seen as the primary needs in this sickness occurred. Health buildings remained incapable. One of the most important things among these is the absence of Covid19 test polyclinic building required for prediagnosis of the sickness.

The new-generation container units we manufactured for urgent health building need have performed effectively on behalf of the solution with the practical installation feature they brought the hospital buildings. One of the best examples of these is the Covid19 private polyclinic building we installed in the garden of Sud Francilien State Hospital, Paris.

The functional building that can provide test service to 5 patients at the same time has been put into the France ministry of health service as being made ready for use by our France team in just one day. With the Covid19 polyclinic building, healthcare professionals had the precedence of working and serving in a safe environment. In this private polyclinic, the suspicious patients showing sickness indications reached a safe test environment without contacting other hospital areas. The healthcare professionals that make tests serve in a safe environment under stringent measures with special personal protective equipment to protect themselves from the risks in the covid19 polyclinic.

The patients who enter this safe building installed in the hospital garden are entering the relevant health cabin and, swap samples are being taken from them with the help of a stick for the Covid19 test. The samples taken from the suspicious' nose or nasal passage with special sticks are being delivered in a closed and protected environment to the labs. And their tests are being made.

The Safest Polyclinic Building of the Pandemic Period

The durable prefabricated structure system of the Karmod new generation container is becoming prominent with fast installation and as a safe service area in urgent health building needs arising at pandemic periods.

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