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Cide Soğuksu Association Building

Porpuse Of Use Association Management and Social Facility Building
Building Model Light Steel System
Number Of Buildings 1 Block
Total Area 163 m²
Project Year 2018
Region To Be Used Istanbul, Turkey
Completion Time 12 Days
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Custom steel system service building for Soğuksu Association Foundation

We have built a service building for the Soğuksu Association Foundation, founded by the residents of Soğuksu village in the Kastamonu province of Turkey, located in Istanbul. The building, constructed with a light steel prefabricated model, houses a management center as well as a multipurpose hall. The size of the new association building constructed on the land in Çengelköy district of Üsküdar, which belongs to the foundation, is 163 m2. The installation of the building, which uses steel systems from the walls to the roof, was completed in a short period of 12 days.

Local buildings constructed with steel structure system provide great convenience for associations

There are thousands of compatriot associations in Istanbul, founded by citizens from various provinces, districts, and villages of our country. Most of these associations do not have a central building. Many associations try to provide services in the narrow spaces of apartment buildings or in rooms allocated to them in a workplace. Building a steel structure system using empty lands owned by the associations during a time when rental prices are very high can be very easy. Many prefabricated association centers and local buildings with ready-made designs can be constructed within days. Steel structures, which are produced entirely with bolt-nut systems using new generation technology without welding, can be easily transported anywhere. They can be completed by an expert team in Turkey's every region and put into service in a few days.

Soğuksu Foundation management and service hall gathered in the same building

In the steel building built by Karmod's expertise for the Cide Soğuksu Association Foundation, the management office and multipurpose event hall are located together. The building, designed as a single floor, has the foundation management office on the right side. There are two separate rooms in this section, one for the foundation president and the other for the association secretary. There is also a passage from the management offices to the main hall. On the left side of the building, there is a large event hall. The multipurpose kitchen section, which includes the tea room, is also located on the far left of the hall. Male and female toilets are also included in this section. In the event hall, services are provided not only for association meetings with fellow villagers but also for events such as henna nights and engagement parties. The walls of the hall are decorated with Cide's traditional weaves and fabrics in an authentic way. The same weaves are also displayed as decorative applications on the furniture of the association management office and the hall seats.

The Kastamonu Cide Soğuksu and Surrounding Villages Association Foundation center building, built with a steel structure model, represents a must-see sample for other compatriot associations in Istanbul. Many associations can easily have central buildings constructed using the steel structure system, which provides significant advantages for associations in terms of construction time and economics. Moreover, it is a safe and long-lasting construction model.

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