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Social Housing Project

Porpuse Of Use Container Homes
Building Model Next Generation Container
Number Of Buildings 3 Homes
Total Area 96 m²
Project Year 2021
Region To Be Used Montevideo, Uruguay
Completion Time 5 Days
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Social Housing Project in South America

Our safe, long-lasting and ergonomic container homes, with their fast production and installation advantages, have been preferred in mass housing projects in South America. At the request of the Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay, three housing units were produced using the container home model. The sample houses were installed in the suburbs of the capital, Montevideo, and made available for use by eligible citizens.

A Beautiful Example of Social Housing with 1+1 Layout

With the use of two separate 4x8 container units, a beautiful example of 1+1 social housing was realized in the project. The floor plan included a living room at the entrance and a separate room inside, with the kitchen placed in the living room area. The plan also included a bathroom and toilet unit. Designed to meet the housing needs of an average family in the best possible way, the ergonomic design of the homes stands out. The innovative building system, which requires little maintenance over the years, provides high insulation for energy savings and comfort, making the new generation container homes one of the most preferred models for social housing.

Easy Transportation and Installation with Fully Dismantled System in Container Homes

The new generation container homes, designed and developed with Karmod's expertise, have an innovative system. The use of open-source applications that are vulnerable to building safety risks has been completely abandoned in their assembly. Bolt and nut and overlapping systems, developed as the best innovations in assembly, provide significant advantages. The container home, which is packaged as a fully dismantled unit with this innovative system, can be easily transported to overseas countries. The bolt and nut and overlapping models make it easy to install. The installation of the 1+1 home, which was produced within the scope of the project and has a size of 32 m², can be completed within hours with the help of a two-person team and a crane. The house is ready to move in the same day, no matter where it is located in the world.

Fully dismantled containers provide great convenience in transportation. With standard welded productions, container units cannot exceed a size of 230x595, which is equivalent to 14 m². However, innovative systems enable the units to be easily produced in sizes of 32 m² and above. The advantage of the bolt and nut model, up to its chassis, allows for easy transport in pieces, also increasing the building size in the new generation. Karmod's new generation container homes completely eliminate transportation restrictions and provide the opportunity for large-scale housing.

Easy Climate Control and Energy Savings in Container Homes

In addition to building safety and ergonomics, Karmod's new generation containers also have an important advantage in climate control. Using sandwich panel wall systems from the wall to the roof, the new generation Karmod has the highest energy-saving building advantage. The roof panel thickness is superior at 125 mm. The roof also stands out with its special locking system, ensuring complete water tightness, and does not require any extra roof application. The sandwich panel superiority is complemented by double glazed windows, and a special sheet panel door that provides full closure. The Karmod container home has the best climate control advantage year-round, with easy heating and cooling. Climate control can be achieved with very low budgets and minimal energy consumption.

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